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Heero's Dark Corner

Heero: Hello. Welcome to my dark corner. Here you will be...
Duo: Uhh Heero...what's with the dark corner?
Heero: Shut up Duo. It's my part of the page and I'll do what I want.
Duo: Hey!!! Well EXCUUUUUSE me for giving you a spot on my web page! (sheesh you stupid antisocial..)
Heero: Will you shut up already! You're wasting my precious web space!!
Duo: What do you mean YOUR precious...oh forget it! Enjoy Heero's dark and gloomy antisocial..OOOOOWWWW HEEEEEROOO!!!!! THAT'S MY HAIR YOU'RE PULLING!!! OOOOOW!!
Heero: Well! That braid can be used for some things eh? Now that Mr.I-Can-Never-Stop-TALKING is gone..we'll start with my General Info...

Name / Heero Yuy (his real name is unknown. Heero has been code-named after the martyred leader of the space colonies.)
Mobile Suits / Pilot Of Wing Gundam, Gundam Wing Zero and Wing Zero Custom
Gender / Male
Age / 15 (16 in Endless Waltz)
Ethnicity / Japanese
Place Of birth / L1 Colony
Blood Type / A
Height / 156cm (1.56m)
Weight / 45 kg
Eye Color / Prussian Blue (wtf is Prussian??)
Hair Color / Dark Brown
Most Noticed Feature : his slenderness and he was supposed to be mistaken for a girl too!
Special Abilities / Maneuvering air and land vehicles Hand-to-hand combat Weapons and explosives Engineering and machinery Battle strategies and tactics

The boy known as Heero is the most grim and serious of the Gundam pilots. Raised by the scientist Doctor J, Heero has been trained since childhood to be a ruthless killing machine, equally proficient in mobile suit piloting, personal combat, demolition, and computer hacking. Though Heero's upbringing hasn't quite managed to squeeze all the compassion out of him, he is nonetheless callous towards his allies (poor Duo!), and cold-blooded towards his enemies, and almost suicidally careless of his own life.