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Who are these people??

Hey! I made this section of the page for my friends that come to my pages and sign my guestbooks just because they're nice...but they haven't seen a cartoon since they were about eight. A few of my friends *cough* (IRENE) have been asking me who the hell Duo even is and where he came from, so I thought I would be nice and give a little explanation...^^ Alright here we go!

The year is A.C 195 (After Colony- meaning after the establishment of space colonies inhabited by humans.) The Earth has had one war after another while the space colonies have remained in peace. When the wars on Earth ended, the "Earth Sphere Unified Alliance", or "Military Alliance" was created to keep peace throughout the Earth and the space colonies as well. The Alliance is assisted by a group of aristocrats named OZ, whos intentions are unclear. Now having great military power, The Alliance siezed control of all the colonies by using special weapons called "mobile suits" (for my friends who've never even seen the show once...a mobile suit basically looks like a person with high tech armor and weapons and about 20 times the size of an average human..maybe more) After twenty years of being under the Alliance's control...rebels from several of the colonies decided that they would no longer tolerate the Alliance's iron grip on the colonies. On these colonies were the original creators of mobile suits, who then developed five extremely powerful suits out of gundamian alloy (REALLY strong stuff) each with their own special abilities and weapons. However, these suits were more powerful than any other mobile suit created and therefore needed a very skilled pilots to control them due to their advanced technology. Therefore, five children were chosen and trained from a young age to pilot the gundams: Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei. Each having their own special personalities. When their training was complete the five were sent to earth disguised as shooting stars (Operation Meteor) - Their mission: To destroy the Military Alliance and OZ at all costs.