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Welcome to the Image Gallery! I've put on some more pics! Hope you like them!! Since I don't know how to do thumbnails, I just put a description!! Oh, and because of the complaints, I've moved all of the Duo and Heero pictures over here. So now everyone will be happy !(I hope!)I'm going on a pic hunt so hopefully I'll have alot more up!!


NEW! Duo sitting indian-style (It also shows you how to write his name in Japanese ^^)

NEW! Duo er...scratching his belly..I laughed for about 5 minutes when I first saw it ^^

NEW! Duo turning with his braid whipping infront of his face. A very nice pic.

Duo posing ;)- This is REALLY cute pic of may have seen it before but I didn't want the Gundam in it with him...

Duo with his awesome hat holding The Bible..another great pic (he's so cute with his hat! ^^)

Duo thinking? Well I'm not sure what he's doing but it's a nice head shot! (I'm only gonna put on good pics of him sorry to all you people who just want thousands!)

Duo behind some broken glass...I have the full picture in the Duo and Heero section but I think he's cute alone ;)

Duo with Duo! Ok I ADORE this pic! It's the one they show at the end you know? You have to see it!

Duo smiling in a space suit. Just another cute pic =)

Duo looking like Heero...kinda weird to see him depressed looking! But its a good pic anyways! I like the eyes *_*

Duo saying hi =) This is the pic found on the main page...I love it so much! One of the cutest ones I've ever seen! (I say cute alot dont I?)

Duo in his gundam looking really really happy about something :)

Duo in some stylin threads ;)I'd have to say I like the priest outfit alot more...Still! A good pic!

Duo uhh I don't know how you say it..punching his hand? You know!!! ;)

Duo in those stylin threads still but with a red background and closer up...(woo!) ^^


Heero with a starry background...he looks really nice here!

Heero about to do his third suicide attempt...geez...

Heero looking alot like Rowen from Ronin Warriors! He looks cute but it doesn't really look like him..

Heero smiling?!?! IT'S A MIRACLE!!!!


NEW! Quatre jumping in the air. This is a really nice pic, he's wearing a really cute outfit too =)

NEW! Quatre from a three-quarter view, It's a really good close up of the cutie ;)

NEW! Quatre playing his violin, a nice full length shot.

Quatre looking soooooo adorable!! (he's in SD form)

Quatre lifting up his goggles and looking sad - so cute!!

Quatre with his goggles on...a pic you see alot during previews of the show

Quatre playing his violin - a really nice pic.

Quatre in a space suit looking thoughtful - really really cute =) (gee do I say that word enough?? ^^;)


Trowa with his clown mask...its so cool!!!!! He looks a little overly tall...but still cute!

Trowa juggling with a Chibi Duo running past...soooo cute! ^^

Trowa with his tears floating in space...a pretty picture..(we all know he was crying because he had to blow up Duo's Gundam *sniff* <=( )


The GW Boys in one of my favorite group shots that shows both the guys AND their awesome Gundams!!!

The GW Boys and a cake. Even Trowa looks really cute in this one! Well I mean don't take that the wrong way like he isn't cute but he looks..friendly cute?? Ahh you know what I mean! Hehe ^^;
Duo: Pleeeeeeeez lemme have some! Just a tiny bite!!
Heero: Back off!!!!
Trowa: heh heh heh....

The GW Boys having a camp out =)Look! Duo even smiles in his sleep!! awwww! ^^

The GW Boys posing with a funky background...but most of them look really nice =)

The GW Boys standing on a bridge in a colony I'm guessing...Duo looks really cute here!

The GW Boys in uniform thingies...a pretty cute wonder about Heero and Duo though...

The GW Boys with Heero running in the middle...a good one of Heero..but not anyone else (well except of course Duo always looks nice! ^^)

The GW Boys from The Endless Waltz...and I think Heero's attempt to be sexy..but its pretty cute if Wufei didn't look so dumb (you can tell he's my fave...)

Thats all I have up for now! Check back soon!!!