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Alright! Here's the general info on my favorite Gundam Wing character! =D Anyone's info I stole I'm reaaaaaally sorry <=)

Name / Duo Maxwell
Mobile Suits Used / Gundam Deathscythe, Deathscythe Hell & Deathscythe Hell Custom
Gender / Male (If ANY of you that I know say ANYTHING different because of his braid...)
Age / 15 (he's 16 in Endless Waltz)
Ethnic Origin / America
Place Of Birth / Near L2 Colony
Blood Type / B
Height / 156cm (1.56m)(about 5' 1''...I feel tall)
Weight / 43 kg (roughly around 92 lbs ^^*)
Eye Color / Cobalt Blue
Hair Color / Golden Brown
Nickname for himself / Shinigami (God Of Death)
Hair Length (er??) / 32.5 cm (Is that the same as a yard? Who comes up with these things anyways??? Oh I think I'll measure his hair now...)
Most Noticed Feature / His awesome braid!
Special Abilitiy / Exceptional in combating skills

Duo is known as the most happy-go-lucky of the Gundam Pilots. He has a very outgoing personality and can be quite a talker. He persists in offering his friendship to the initially hostile Heero, eventually winning his antisocial comrade's trust through sheer persistence. (Yeah! Go Duo!) But despite his friendly nature, Duo earns his "God of Death" nickname when he takes on Alliance and OZ soldiers in battle. Before Operation Meteor, Duo was part of the spacegoing salvage organization known as the Sweeper Group, and on Earth he is assisted by the Sweepers' seafaring kinsfolk. Duo happily returns to his salvage-merchant's trade when he is not in he Mobile Suit. He is distinguished by his black wardrobe, his yard-long braided ponytail, and his minister's collar.