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Dragonball Z Powerlevels and Profiles

If you have no clue what DragonballZ is then click here. Make sure to visit this sites brother site,Gohan's DBZ Stuff.

June 8, 2001
I have just fixed up my profile area and added the new button. A big thanks goes out to DgtlBoy12 for the button. Anyway, now that school is out for the summer, I plan on working on my website more often. So check back for updates. Enjoy your visit, Have a nice day.

February 17th, 2001
I have added 4 fanstories all written by Hso87. If you want to read them go to my fanfic section. Enjoy my site and thanks again to Hso87.

February 13th, 2001
I now have a new banner and a button if you want to link me. Here is the button . The banner is above. Thanks to Hso87 for the images. Enjoy your stay.

February 12th, 2001

I decided to change the colors around a bit. I also made the menu smaller. The awards, webrings, humor, and others are now under miscellaneous. Be sure to send in any fanfics. Enjoy your stay.

February 10, 2001

I just added a new button for my Top 25. Anyways, I started a fanfiction section, but it is awfully lonely.(with absolutely nothing in it) So if you have a fan pic or fanstory then e-mail it to me at I also removed the quiz it was a little bit faulty, I'll try and have it up and running again soon. Well enjoy my site.

February 1st, 2001

Hey I just decided to lay out my page according to updates. Anyway, I started helping two people with their pages, check them out, they are SSJ Gohans Lair, and Gotenks 340. If you would like any html help I'll help anyway I can. Also I think I might start a contest ,so if you have any ideas, either e-mail me, or sign my guestbook.

January 31st,2001

I just joined a cool RPG, called DragonballlzRPG69, it is cool. If you have AOL instant messenger then you should join. I added a movies page. Notice that I added the frames. Cool, huh? I added a Humor page, it has funny pictures, and things DBZ characters will never say. I added two polls, Favorite Bad Guy, and Favorite Girl. I added a DBZ quiz. I have the other powerlevels and profiles added for the new characters. Make sure to add your favorite Vegeta Quote by clicking on the link for it below. Also, if you sign my guestbook, there is a powerlevel in it for you(one that I don't have on my page). Which I think you might get a kick out of. I also created my own webring called Anime 3K. If you have a webpage you may want to join my Topsites List called Anime 3K Top 25. If not you could just vote. You may notice the Vegeta Quote below. If you click on the orange part then you will be allowed to put in your own entry.

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