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Anime 3K

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To join click here. OK I have been having a lot of trouble with my webring lately because of the merge of Yahoo and Webring. So you have two choices, A) You can fill out the form that you first see with your URL, description and keywords, or B) You can click on the second link and sign up for a yahoo account and fill out that form. Now I prefer that you take choice B for a couple of reasons, you eventually have to sign up for Yahoo(don't worry it's free), two it is a whole lot easier for me and last well there is no last but the first two are good enough. Take the HTML Fragment below and paste it on your page and put the correct information like id number name and e-mail address. Don't forget to take out the periods. Thanks! Sorry about all of the trouble.

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page..<.!-- Begin HTML comment This is an HTMLfragment to be pasted at the bottom(or anywhere else) on your webpage for the Anime 3K WebRing. It is what links you to the rest of the ring. :) End HTML comment --> <.table align=center cellspacing=3 cellpadding=3 width=500 height=50 border=2><.font size=2> <.tr><.th><.p><.img src="" align=left width=128 height=200><.img src="" align=right width=128 height=200><.br><./tr><./th><./tr><./th><.tr><.th><.center> <.FONT SIZE="2">This <.a href="" target="_top">Anime 3K<./a> site owned by <.a href="mailto:--e-mail address--">--your name--. <.BR>Want to join the <.a href="" target="_top"> Anime 3K Ring<./a>?<.BR><./FONT><.BR><./th><./tr><./font><.FONT SIZE=3><.tr><.th> [ <.a href=";id=--id--;prev5">Previous 5 Sites | <.a href=";id=--id--;prev">Previous | <.a href=";id=--id--;next">Next | <.a href=";id=--id--;next5">Next 5 Sites | <.a href=";random">Random Site | <.a href=";list">List Sites]<./tr><./th><./FONT> <./center>This is what it should look like.

This Anime 3K site owned by Csdragon.
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