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Things They'll Never Say

-Where's my nose?

-Man I wish I could say something besides "Man, this is nuts".

-Gohan, go study!

-I'm tired of saving the world.

- Radditz, you're back! Let's call the others and start doing some planet-sellin'!

- Will someone drop me on my head again? I'm sick of being good.

-These pink pants bring out the color in my eyes.

-Oh, I give up. Trunks you beat up Cell, he is to powerful for me.

-I love you Bulma!!!

- Come on Nappa, forget about the Dragon balls, I want to get in my warm little capsule and sleep.

Future Trunks
-Ok, Cell absorb Android #18.

-Android #18 you are my best friend.

- I'm looking forward to beating up my father.

-What do you think of my new haircut??

-Let's see...Blink,Blink,...ARGH!!! I can't seem to make the third one blink.

-Oh, quit your bitchin Chao su, you have already been wished back once.

King Kai
-Goku this is no times for jokes.

- All my life I've been making funny jokes, or what I think to be funny, but what everyone else is laughing at isn't my jokes, they laugh because I look like a half pig, half catfish, with antenna's and a high pitched voice.

-Study, study, I love to study.

-I hate you Piccolo.

-I hate you Trunks.

In GT- I don't want to date anymore.

-I hate you Gohan.

-Has anybody seen my arm. It's green, you can't miss it.
- GOHAAAAAAAAAN wish yamcha and tien back to the next dimension now!!!

-I really want to kill you Gohan.

-I hate women.

- Oh shoot! I've forgotten my name again. Hang on guys, I gotta go look at my house.

-Puar this isn't your private litter box.

-Who am I kidding I'm not perfect.

-Man, I suck.

-I'm full.

-I hate being powerful.

-My poses suck.

-Of all the people I've been in. I liked taking a shower in Bulma's body the best.

-Gohan, forget studying you have to go save the world.

- Well Gohan, I'm off to my anger management class.

Mr. Popo
-Either draw me a decent body and give me a real name, or I'm outta here.

-Did I mention my voice is ridiculous.

-I like it when my Dad beats me.

-I hate you Goten.

- Goten, things look really bad here... it seems the only thing you CAN do is complain.

Android #18
-Krillen, where is you nose?

-I hate you 17, I'm glad you were absorbed by Cell.

-Ok. Vegeta do whatever YOU want!

-I hate you Goku. You suck!

Misc. Characters
Mr. Satan- I'm the world's greatest wuss.