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Here are the storylines for some of the Sagas. More sagas sometime in the future. :)

Rattitz Saga

In the beginning of this saga Rattitz shows up and quickly harms a local farmer. He then seeks out Goku(Kakarot), to see if he has taken over the planet yet. Only to find that Goku is not evil nor has he taken over the planet. He gets angry and he plans to attack Goku when Piccolo shows up. Piccolo and Goku square off against Rattitz. Rattitz is winning when Goku gets a hold on him. Giving Piccolo just enough time to charge up his Special Beam Cannon. He uses it killing Goku and Rattitz. But not before they find out that Vegeta and Nappa have heard the whole story unfold on the scouters. Starting the Vegeta/Saiyans Saga.

Vegeta/Saiyans Saga

In the beginning of this saga, Goku is dead. He is forced to run down Snake Way and recieve training from King Kai. Meanwhile the Z Fighters are training and collecting Dragonballs. Also the Saiyans Vegeta and Nappa were heading straight for Earth. When Goku finishes his training he rushes back to Earth, but he was a little late and Nappa had already sent Piccolo, Chao Su, Tien, and Yamcha to another dimension.. Things looked grim but Goku shows up and has no trouble kicking Nappa's @$$ all over Earth. When Vegeta realizes how pathetic Nappa is he destoys him and asks Goku if he would join him. Goku says no(quickly)and they start to fight. Eventually Goku realizes that he is fighting a losing battle. Krillen and Gohan return and they help Goku with the Genki Dama(Spirit Bomb) and they pretty much destroy Vegeta. Vegeta then crawls slowly back to his space ship and gets away. Starting the Frieza Saga.

Frieza Saga

In the beginning of this saga, they find out they have to get to a planet called, Namek, to get other dragonballs to wish Piccolo and the others back. They borrow a spaceship that was sent to Earth by the Nameks and fly to the planet after many obstacles. Goku is still in the hospital and doesn't leave with Krillen, Gohan, and Bulma. Meanwhile Vegeta is getting healed in an isolation chamber. He then flies off to Namek for the dragonballs also. When Gohan, Krillen and Bulma reach the planet, they sense huge powers. So automatically they fly to the powers. When they get there they see an alien named Frieza(or freezer) and they witness him and his underlings destroy a Namekian village. they get another dragonball and they fly of to the next village. Gohan and Krillen have to fight one of Frieza's henchman, but he proves to be to much for them and Gohan and Krillen fly off(with a little namekian kid named Dende). Meanwhile Vegeta's ship lands on Namek and he is immediatly challenged to a fight by an old rival. Vegeta kills him in seconds, and flies off to find some dragonballs of his own. When Frieza and his men's scouters are destroyed he calls for the Ginyu Force. Meanwhile Goku leaves the hospital and flys on a Capsule Corp. ship that allows him to train at 100x gravity. On the other side of the universe Gohan and Krillen are going to find a Namek named Guru. Guru releases Krillen and Gohan's true power, when they leave Vegeta catches up with them and they all sense the Ginyu force is landing on Namek. They fly off to where Vegeta has all the dragonballs(except for the one Gohan has). The Ginyu Force lands and introduce themselves(they also dance around). There is Captain Ginyu, Chase, Berter, Goldo, and Recoom. They fly off and catch Gohan, Krillen and Vegeta. Ginyu takes the Dragonballs back to Frieza, and Gohan and Krillen fight Goldo. Vegeta kills Goldo but he gets his butt whooped by Recoom, and then recoom beats Gohan and Krillen. Just in the nick of time(like usual), Goku arrives on Namek. He gives Gohan, Krillen, and Vegeta a Sensu Bean. He then kills Recoom and Berter but lets Chase leave. Chase leaves and tells Ginyu. Ginyu flies off and fights Goku. Goku beats him up bad when all of a sudden Ginyu does a body change. Goku is in Ginyu's body. Meanwhile Frieza is looking for the password to the dragonballs. Ginyu attacks Gohan, Krillen and Vegeta. Vegeta pretty much kills Captain Ginyu because he can't control Goku's power. So he goes to do the transform ation thing again, but Goku jumps into it switching back to his own body. Ginyu then tries it again on Vegeta but Goku throws a frog in the way turning Ginyu into a frog. Meanwhile Frieza has to fight a Namek named Nail who looks exactly like Piccolo. Vegeta puts Goku in a Rejuvination Chamber. Vegeta also gives Gohan and Krillen new armor. Vegeta takes a nap, and Gohan, Krillen and Dende releases the dragon. They wish for Piccolo to be returned to life, and for him to be brought back to Namek. Then Guru dies so the dragonballs split up again and turn into stones. Frieza leaves Nail and goes after Gohan and Krillen. Vegeta wakes up in time to see the dragon but it is too late when he gets there. Frieza shows up and Vegeta attacks him. It is quickly realized that Frieza is stronger then Vegeta, Gohan and Krillen put together. Piccolo fuses with Nail making him more powerful. Goku comes out of the chamber all healed up and he attacks Frieza. The battle goes on for a long time. Goku sends a Spirit Bomb straight for Frieza it hits Frieza and almost destroys him but not quite. Frieza kills Krillen(which was his fatal mistake). Goku gets pissed and turns into a SuperSaiyan and beats the (r@p out of Frieza. So frieza uses all of his power to make a energy ball big enought to destroy the planet in 15 minutes(but this 15 min. takes like 4 weeks). Meanwhile on earth they collected the Dragonballs because Piccolo is alive. They make the wish to bring back everyone Frieza killed in the past year. Which brings back Guru which brings back the Namekian dragonballs. Goku then makes the wish to send everyone on Namek back to earth except Frieza and himself. Goku now lets loose and beats the $h!t out of Frieza. Frieza dies on Namek(or does he!). Anyway Goku escapes by a thread in a Ginyu spaceship, and learns the attack insta-transmission which allows you to teleport. Starting the Garlic Jr. saga.

Garlic Jr. Saga

In the beginning of this saga, Goku is still out in space. Garlic Jr. seizes this opportunity by capturing Kame and Mr. Popo in glass bottles. He then releases the Black Water Mist, which turns all people on Earth into evil slaves to Garlic Jr. Gohan and Krillen are the only ones that get away from the spell. They fly up to Kame's Lookout to fight Garlic Jr., when they see Piccolo has been infected by the mist. Piccolo fights Gohan one on one, but Gohan gets his butt kicked because he refuses to fight Piccolo, his friend and teacher. Piccolo then grabs Krillen and bites him infecting him with the mist(hehe). Piccolo and Krillen beat the living (r@p out of Gohan. When Piccolo goes to finish Gohan off Garlic Jr. says that he wants to do it. So when Garlic jr. goes for the final blow, Piccolo reaches inside Garlic Jr.'s pocket and breaks open the glass bottles freeing Kame and Mr. Popo. This allows Kame to save all the earthlings with the Sacred Water Mist. Piccolo then explains that he is immune to the Black Mist. Gohan, Piccolo, and Krillen then team up to destroy Garlic Jr., but Garlic Jr. then reveals a special star that he harnesses his power from. He reopens the Dead Zone, but just like in the movie the Dead Zone, Gohan destroys the star and knocks garlic Jr. into it trapping him forever. Which starts the Trunks Saga.

Trunks Saga

At the beginning of this Saga, Frieza shows up with his father, King Cold(I think that Akira Toriyama was having a little fun when he came up with these names Frieza and King Cold). They decide they are going to destroy the world, to piss off Goku. When all of a sudden Trunks shows up with a powerlevel of 5. He quickly defeats Frieza and King Cold(I do mean quick one episode). Trunks predicts when Goku would return and the exact spot where he would return. Trunks the asks to talk to Goku alone. Trunks asks Goku to turn SSJ, when he does Trunks goes to attack him with the sword that he had so easily defeated Frieza with. Goku easily defends himself with one finger against every swing of the sword. Trunks then tells Goku that the Androids are coming, and that he came to warn the Z Fighters(which is partially true, he actually went back in time to save Goku from a heart virus that prevents Goku from fighting the Androids). Trunks then goes back to the future. Starting the Android Saga.

Cell Saga

In the beginning of this saga it shows the Z Fighters flying to the island to meet the androids head on. When they get there Vegeta does not show up. They wait and Yajirobe shows up with sensu beans. When he flys off his plane blows up. They see the androids fly down into the city, but they don't know where in the city. They go to search when Yamcha finds them. One of the androids grabs Yamcha and starts to drain his energy through a crystal in his hand. Then the other android puts his hand right through Yamcha's chest and then they fly off. The other Z fighters notice the power drop and finally get to Yamcha. Gohan takes care of Yajirobe and Yamcha. Goku, Tien and Piccolo show the androids to a remote location to battle. When they get there the Androids ask Goku if he as any questions before he dies. Goku asks how they know so much about all of the Z Fighters. The android replys "Dr. Gero programmed us with all of your stats. He has watched all of you through all of your battles. He has also calculated how high your power is now." Goku says "What about when we were in space?" The android says there was no need to watch you in outerspace. Goku then turns SuperSaiyan(haha). They all of sudden have a look like "ummm....maybe we better go". Anyway Goku goes after the clown looking android. He is kicking his butt all over the island. The android does even hit him once. Then Goku starts to have touble breathing, the virus. Gohan and Krillen finally show up. Yamcha takes Goku home for the antidote. Vegeta arrives, he turns SuperSaiyan. He then explains how he turned SuperSaiyan in space. He quickly kills the clown android. He chases after the other one. Piccolo decides to fight the other one, he pretty much dominates the fight. The other android is shocked how much his power has grown. He decides to make a destraction by blowing up Bulma's plane. Trunks saves Bulma and young Trunks. Bulma then reveals that the android they were fighting was Dr. Gero!! Trunks says that he must be going to activate the other androids 18 and 17. They rush off to fight them when it is too late. He activates them and they kill Dr. Gero just as Trunks predicted. They then activate 16. They leave and decide to kill Goku first. Vegeta thinking that he is the man, flys off to fight all three of them by himself. of course he gets beat up by 18 and 17 beats up all of the Z Fighters except Krillen. Krillen gives all of the fighters sensu beans. They decide to split up, Gohan, Krillen and Trunks go to move Goku away from the androids. Tien meets up with Chaosu to do some more training. Piccolo flys to Kame and he asks Kame for a huge favor. He asks if Kame will fuse with him once again.(now in case you were thinking big deal, here is why, if Kame and Piccolo fuse then they will have huge strength a SuperNamek if you will) But Kame decides to wait until things play out a little more. Well Kame finally decides to fuse with Piccolo. It doesn't matter because a new force has shown up, named Cell, another one of Gero's creations. Made up of cells from Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta and Frieza. He has a tail that sucks people up and allows him to have their energy. Piccolo beats him up but Cell comes back and Piccolo escapes in the nic of time. Cell continues to search for energy and he is looking for the other androids in particular. He eventually absorbs #17 which puts him into Cell 2. He then goes after #18 but #16 turns out to be stonger than Cell. Allowing 18 to run. Meanwhile Vegeta is in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Trunks training. In this chamber one day on earth equals a year in there. So he powers up pretty good. When they are done Goku and Gohan go in. While Gohan and Goku are training Vegeta goes to fight Cell. he is way more powerful than Cell so he lets him absorb #18. Which put him at Cell 3 "Perfect Cell". He beats the crap out of Vegeta and Trunks. he then announces the start of a tournament called the Cell Games. Goku and Gohan come out of the Time Chamber and are now permenantly Super Saijins. they all prepare for about a week and go to the cell games. Now Mr. Satan (in America "Mr. Hercule") fights first but does no damage. Goku then fights and is just about equal wiht Cell. He even uses a kamehameha attack and blows off his head. But he regenerates and Goku quits and puts Gohan as the next fighter. #16 attempts to self-destruct and kill Cell but it fails and #16's head is all that is left. Cell splits into 7 Mini-Cells and has them attack all of Gohan's friends. 16 talks to Gohan and right in the middle Cell squishs the head of 16. This enrages Gohan and pushes him to SSJ 2. He then quickly disposes of all 7 Cells. Then Cell attempts to self-destruct but Goku teleports him to King Kais planet and it wipes out Kai, Bubbles, Gregory and Goku. All the Z fighters mourn over Goku's death but the celebrate over their victory also. Then a blast goes through the shoulder of Trunks. It is Cell and he regenerated from one brain cell. Then, Cell threatens to destroy the earth. Now it is up to Gohan to try to save our planet. With one arm (the other injured when he went to let a fireball meant for Vegeta hit him), Cell prepares a fireball. He fires at Gohan but Gohsn is not able to fire back. A stalemate is meant, but with Kaioh's help, Goku is able to talk to Gohan and encourages him. So Gohan finally fires back. Meanwhile, Krillin protects the unconscious Android #18 and Yamcha, Tien, and Vegeta attack Cell in hope that this will distract Cell. With the help of the now dead Kaioh, Goku, also dead, is able to communicate with Gohan and encourages him to use all his power to defeat Cell. Gohan overpowers Cell and Cell is disintegrated by Gohan's fireball. (But, Satan takes credit for Cell's death because of his lies to the reporters.) At the end, the warriors gather the dragonballs to bring those killed by Cell back to life. However, Goku is still dead because he was already brought back to life once and cannot come back again, but tells that he is okay and is now with Kaioh. Android #16 can't be revived because he was a robot. Android #18 awakens and flees. However, everybody learns here that Krillin has developed a crush on Android #18! At the end of this series, there is a short memorial about the life of Goku. And there is peace on Earth.