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Dragonball Z Powerlevels and Profiles

DBZ Linkage

If you have no clue what DragonballZ is then click here. I added a Humor page, it has funny pictures, and things DBZ characters will never say. I added two new polls, Favorite Bad Guy, and Favorite Girl. I have finally completed the storyline for the Cell Saga. I also added animated gifs for Cell, #16, and #18. I have the other powerlevels and profiles added for the new characters. Make sure to add your favorite Vegeta Quote by clicking on the link for it below. Also, if you sign my guestbook, there is a powerlevel in it for you(one that I don't have on my page). Which I think you might get a kick out of. I also created my own webring called Anime 3K. If you have a webpage you may want to join my Topsites List called Anime 3K Top 10. If not you could just vote. You may notice the Vegeta Quote below. If you click on the orange part then you will be allowed to put in your own entry. Make sure to visit this sites brother site,Gohan's DBZ Stuff.

Legal Stuff:All images have been copyrighted and are property of their respective owners, most likely Bandai, Funimation or Akira Toriyama. If you do take these images or sounds then give credit to their owners. Infringement on this copyright is not intended. This disclaimer goes for all of my webpage.

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