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Below are 2 links for your convenience.

The first will provide a view of this
sample guestbook form that you can copy and paste into a file on your server.

The second link will prompt you to download and save this same sample file
to your computer. You should save the file as gbsign.html or something similar.
After saving this file, it will automatically work with your deluxe guestbook
if you have already created a deluxe entry template.

Once you test it, then you can make any changes you wish (don't change the form tag)
and upload it to YOUR INTERNET PROVIDER, where your homepage resides.
At that time, test it again.

Once you are convinced that it works, (if you've named the file gbsign.html)
then you can modify the "sign my guestbook" link on your homepage to point
to that file... something like this
<a href=gbsign.html>Sign My Guestbook</a>
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