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Fan Stories

This is where I keep the stories written by you or someone who wouldn't mind sharing. If you would like to share just send them to Thanks. (These are all written by Hso87)

The Return of Planet Vegeta

One day the dragonball gang were searching for the dragonballs to wish Vegeta bach from being destroyed by Buu. They all agreed to help find them for Trunks. Gohan found the last one when he was swimming in a big pond. He brought it back to Master Roshi's with the other six.

"Well, thats the last one. Thanks for helping me find them," said Trunks

They went up to Dende's lookout to summon the dragon so it wouldn't disturb the people on Earth. Dende said the password and summoned the dragon. The dragon asked for the first wish and Trunks told told him he wanted to wish Vegeta back. The Dragon said, "Your wish cannot be granted."

Trunks asked, "Why not?"

The dragon said, "The one you call Vegeta is alive."

Trunks said, "Then I wish to be transported to where he is."

The dragon said, "Your wish has been granted."

Then Trunks was transported to where Vegeta was and found him. He asked him what planet he was on.

Vegeta said, "We are on Planet Vegeta."

"But I thought you told me Freezer blew up this planet."

"He did," Vegeta said, "But I wished it back one year ago without anybody knowing. Vegeta told Trunks to stop asking questions and lets go train.

Meanwhile on Earth the the dragonball gang used there final wish to wish them to where Trunks and Vegeta are. When they found trunks and Vegeta training everybody else started training too. Everybody's powerlevel increased by 115,000,000 and they went head to head in a battle. The balls of energy they created were so strong they blew up the planet and evertone died but Goku and Gohan because he used his instant transmission to transport them to Earth. When they got there they started looking for the dragonballs. When they found all seven they went back up to Dende's lookout to summon the dragon and wish the gang back.

Super Saiyan Gotenks

When Goten was a little boy he was supposed to be sent to planet earht, but one of the sayains from planet Vegeta put in the wrong cordinates and he was sent to planet Vergo.

Four years later he landed. He got out of his space shuttle and a baby sayain destroyed his ship. The sayain challenged Goten to a fight. He accepted his duel, and they started to fight.

He punched Goten in the face and knocked him into the ground. He got up and used a ki blast. It knocked a hole through him but he regenerated himself and knocked Goten into the sky. He fell to the ground and knocked Goten in the face.

Goten got mad and turned Oozaru. He used a mouth beam and sent the sayain into the ground. He ran over to where he was and stepped on him.

The sayain got mad because he was being beat up and turned SSJ.

He started fighting but he figured out that their power levels were equal. At the same time they shot a blast with their fingers. But instead of hitting each other, they fused to become Gotenks.

He went to find a ship to get off the planet. He started flying and he got knocked out of the sky. He looked up to see what it was and he saw a bug like creature.

It said,"I am the guardian of this planet and I will destroy you."

Gotenks punched the bug creature in the face. The bug creature used a ki blast charged up to 73,000,000 and sent Gotenks under water. Then the bug creature flew off.

A little bit after he flew off Gotenks got out of the water and went to find a regineration machine to give him his energy back.

Later when he got his energy back he went to find the creature that about destroyed him.

He found him training with an Earthling.

Gotenks power up and destroyed him.

Then after he destroyed him, they separated.

Goten asked the sayain baby what his name was, and he said it was Trunks.

They took the bug creatures ship, and went to Earth.

Gohan Ascends

One day a great power threatened the planet Earth.

All of the Z Warriors gathered to train in the hyperbolic time chamber.

First in were Piccolo and Krillin. After one day passed they came out and two others went in to train.

Goku and Gohan said they wanted to go in next. They trained day and night without stopping for one whole year. After the year passes they came out.

They went back home to get something to eat. They told Chi Chi that they had to go fight the monster. She didn't want Gohan to go but she let him go anyways.

After about ten minutes they were there. They saw him and told him to tell them his name.

He said, "My name is Kiroshin, and I have come to this planet to get revenge on the one who destroyed my planet."

Goku said, who destroyed your planet?"

"He said his name was Gohan, and I will destroy him"

Then Gohan stepped up and said, "My name is Gohan and I am the one that destroyed your planet."

Kiroshin said, "I will destroy you."

Gohan walked forward and went SSJ and then SSJ2. They both jumped up and started to fight. Gohan punched him in the face and he went flying into the ground.

He got up and said, "If that's all you've got you better just give up now."

Gohan said, "I'm just warming up."

Kiroshin got up in the air and used his Virkoshin. It knocked Gohan through three big rocks, and he went into the ground. He got up and used kamehameha. But Kiroshin bounced it back using mirror sheild. It hit Gohan and he got mad, he dot so mad his powerlevel started sky rocketing. All of a sudden his hair grew long and his eyebrows dissapeared(he went SSJ3).

He jumped into the air and used his Mesenko attack. Kiroshin was down on the ground. He powered up his kamehameha to 94,000,000 and sent it flying at him. It hit him and sent him to the next dimention.

Everyone ran over to where Gohan was and congratulated him. After they got done talking, they all went over to Chi-Chi's house to eat.

Death Of The Saiyans

Goku was out training as usual, when Chi Chi came by to give him his supper.

Goku asked Chi Chi if she had saw Gohan

She said, "He's studying what do you think? My little Einstein is going to be the smartest person in the world."

Goku said, "What have I told you about calling him Einstein? His name is Gohan and that's what you are going to call him. And he's not going to be the smartest person in the world, he's going to be the strongest."

Chi Chi walked off ignoring this statement. Goku became over raged by this and started thinking of a plan to kill Chi Chi. He was so mad that when he started training again he learned a new move.

It was called Samahoe. It forms five kamehameha like balls on the tips of your five fingers to destroy your enemy.

Goku decided to try this new attack out on Chi Chi. His plan was first to tell Gohan to go find all seven dragonballs. ( Just to get him out of the house.) Then trick Chi Chi into coming outside.

By saying "Chi Chi, do you know where Gohan is?"

She said, "No," and ran out the door. "You mean he's escaped again," she screamed.

Without knowing Goku was powering up for his most deadly attack, Chi Chi looked up to see if she could see Gohan, and Goku fired his attack.

With Chi Chi dead Goku went to find Gohan. When he found him, he had four dragonballs. Goku told Gohan to follow him and he lead him up to Kami's lookout and told him to go train in the hyperbolic time chamber.

One day later he got out of the time chamber. He powered up and challenges Goku to fight. Goku accepts the challenge but what he doesn't know is that Gohan had went SSJ5. They went to the battlefield where they fought Cell. Gohan killed Goku with just one blow of the kamehameha.

Seeing what he had done, he became outraged and killed himself by stabbing him in the heart with a butcher knife.

Piccolo, Tien, Choutzu, Vegeta, Ox King, Trunks, Dr. Briefs, Mrs Briefs, Bulma, and Krillin never found out what happened to Chi Chi, Goku, and Gohan