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Welcome to Oozaru Outrage! It used to be Saiyan Rage, but I found a site with a similiar name Saiyanz Rage, and I didn't want people to bother me about it. As you can see i havent updated in like a month, I have been very busy with school, but I think there will be more updates coming.

Weclome to Saiyan Rage! I added the image and multimedia sections up and I am almost done with the info section. There's just alot of stuff. Please be patient.

Welcome to Saiyan Rage! I had to change the layout because it was taking up too much room. Also, I lost the main menu some how. So, heres the new layout. This one is easier to manage anyways.

Welcome to Saiyan Rage! As you can see we have a new advertisment up. My friend's Toy Commander site. I forget to tell everyone the dimensions of the banner, 346X40(pixels of course). Also remember to only send me the frames of your advertisement, if its animated. I also basically have the heading links done, and have added music to the intro to make it a little neater. I am going to work on the image gallery today, how far i get on it, I'm not sure.

Weclome to Saiyan Rage! I am almost done with the webring, network, and have started on the top site list. I also added another section on the bottom left. I think this section is important because, as always, Saiyan Rage is here to supply you, the viewer, with the best info, multimedia, and interaction. As you may or may not know, here at Saiyan Rage you may take any multimedia item except menus, banners, ect.(everything with Saiyan Rage on it). I dont know what you would use it for, but please dont take it. I do ask however, that you not take any text items, for i work hard on those, and it takes alot of time. You can, however use them as reference.

Welcome to Saiyan Rage! I am now going to start putting up the info, seeing as i know you guys are tired of me changing the layout. By the end of this week, I hope to have a mjority of the site done. Ok, now, the advertisement up in the heading will change every week. If you want your site's ad up, give me all the frames to your animation, if you have an animation. Please dont yell at me if your site's ad doesnt get put up, because if if goes the way I want it, lots of people will enter. Just keep trying. O and also, for those of you who use Internet Exlorer, I would maximize this window for full viewing experience

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