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Dragon Ball Z power Levels

This list was created by the people at Planet Namek. I did not creat this list nor do i take credit for it. I've put it on my page because I want to bring as much info to you as possible. Please visit their site to support them. Thank You.

This is (once again) a brand new list. The power levels are color coded to identify how they were obtained. Also, the DBZ power levels have been split up into "Battles" (Ex: Goku vs. Napa). Each "Battle" will only give power levels from the major characters participating in the battle, so don't ask me Kuririn's power level during "Goku vs Napa"... Kurirrin doesn't fight then.

A note before you e-mail me telling me the levels are all wrong:
The colored (green, blue, and yellow) levels are FACT as stated in the Japanese manga, Daizenshu, and TV Series, therefore they cannot be wrong. I can't even begin to count the number of people who look like asses for arguing about levels that Toriyama himself wrote down in the mangas! As for the white levels; they are my opinion, for whatever its worth. Simply my 2 cents. If you can't respect my opinion, then I have no respect for yours. In other words, don't bother telling me my opinion is wrong. Opinions can't be wrong as long as its based on fact anyway, or did your English teacher never tell you that? That's why all of my guesses are based STRONGLY around the stated levels. That's also why there are no DBGT levels. There is NO fact to base DBGT levels on (DBGT wasn't created by Toriyama anyway, so any nuances, such as powerlevels, which he put into DBZ have no precedent in DBGT).

Also, some people have e-mailed me about a "Dragonball Guide Book" which lists levels for the entire series. Let me set the record straight on this one: those levels mean nothing. Come on people! Even those of you who watch the English version of DBZ know that Freeza has over 1,000,000 in his second form. The guide book lists him at about half that. Now, which do you believe? The manga written by Toriyama himself? Or an unofficial guide book written years later by a third party. I rest my case.

Key: This list is now red-green color blind friendly." ^_^
Color Type What It Means
1,000,000 Manga\
These levels came from the Japanese Mangas and Daizenshyus either by direct reading or calculation based on a direct reading. There is NO disputing these as they came from Toriyama himself!
Ex: The manga states form 2 Furiza has over 1,000,000; or Vegita: 18,000 * 10 (ozouru) = 180,000
1,000,000 Scouter Reading These levels cam directly from scouter readings in the JAPANESE version of DBZ. There is NO disputing these.
Ex: "Hmm.. the scouter only says 5,000."
1,000,000 Stated These levels are stated by characters in the JAPANESE version of DBZ. There is NO disputing these.
Ex: "Saibamen have 1,200 each"
1,000,000 Guesstimate These levels are calculated based on Stated and Scouter levels as well as on a who can beat who basis. These are the only disputable levels, but I have built these so they tie closly to Manga, Scouter, and Stated levels.
Ex: Form 1 Furiza and Vegita are dead even, so their levels are the same.

Dragonball Episodes

Quest for the Dragonballs

Goku: 10
Goku Ozouru: 100

22nd Budoukai

Jackie Chun (Kame-sennin): 139
Goku: 180
Tenshinhan: 180
Tsurusennin: 120

23rd Budoukai

Goku: 260
Piccolo Daimaou: 260

Dragonball Z Movies & Specials

Bardock Special

Bardock: 8,000
Toma: 6,000
Ozouru Bardock: 80,000
Ozouru Toma: 60,000
Chibi Vegita: 5,000
Bardock (on Planet Meet): Just under 10,000
Kakarotto: 2
Dudoria's Henchmen on Planet Meat: < 8,000
Dudoria: Anywhere from 10,000 to 21,000
Furiza: 530,000

Since Bardock's level is just under 10,000 before visiting planet Meet, its probably around 8,000 at the begining. This, in turn, means Toma is weaker than Bardock since he was unable to kill Bardock's attacker. A Saiya-jin in Ozouru form is 10x stronger than a Saiya-jin in normal form which gives us Ozouru Bardock and Ozouru Toma.

Chibi Vegita is probably around 5,000 since he easily defeats 10 saibamen, which have PLs of 1,200 each. Bardock easily defeat's Dudoria's men, but gets his butt kicked by Dudoria. Furiza probably has the same level here as in the Namek saga.

Trunks Special

Android 17: 60,000,000
Android 18: 60,000,000
Super Saiya-jin Gohan: 70,000,000
Super Saiya-jin Trunks: 35,000,000

Here, the Android's power levels are based on the guesses from the Android saga. Since Gohan can almost take on both of them, he probably has around 70,000,000.

Trunks' level is based on the level he has when arriving on Earth to fight Furiza bot.

Dragonball Z Episodes

Raditsu vs. Farmer

Raditsu: 1,200
Farmer with Shotgun: 5

Raditsu vs. Goku and Piccolo

Raditsu: 1,200
Piccolo (with weighted clothing) : 322
Piccolo (without weighted clothing) : 408
Piccolo's Makankosappo (1st Try) : 1,330
Piccolo's Makankosappo (2nd Try) : 1,440
Goku (with weighted clothing) : 334
Goku (without weighted clothing) : 416
Goku (with Kamehameha) : 924
Gohan: 1 to 1,307 (his power changes with his emotions)

After the Battle

Kame-sennin: 139
Kame-sennin's Turtle: 0.001
Kuririn: 206
Tenshinhan: 250
Yamucha: 177
Piccolo: 329

These levels pretty much speak for themselves. They come soon after the battle with Raditsu where Bulma uses Raditsu's scouter to locate Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and Yamucha (this part was cut from the American version of DBZ)

Z Fighters vs. Saibamen and Nappa

Saibamen: 1,200
Yamucha: 1,480
Kuririn: 1,083
Piccolo: 1,220
Gohan: 981
Gohan's Masenko: 2,800

Notice that the scouter reading and the characters actual readings are different. This is due to the fact that the Z Fighters can mask some of their Ki while not in battle. Although the masked vs actual levels are not that different right now, the difference becomes more evident in the Furiza saga as the fighters learn how to use it more effectively.

Goku vs. Vegita and Nappa

Goku: 5,000
Goku Kaioken x1: 8,000
Goku Kaioken x2: 16,000
Goku Kaioken x3: 24,000
Goku Kaioken x4: 32,000
Nappa: 4,000
Vegita: 18,000
Ozouru Vegita: 180,000
Ozouru Gohan: 9,810

Take note: at Kaioken x4, Goku's power level is 4 times his Kaioken x1 level, this explains the multiplied levels for Kaioken x2 and x3.

A saiyan's power increases 10 times in the Ozouru state, hence Vegita's 18,000 ups to 180,000 in his ozouru form.

Gohan and Kuririn vs. Furiza's Thugs

Gohan: 1,500
Kuririn: 1,500
Furiza's Men: < 1,000

At this point, Furiza's thugs have an extremely low level. This is evident because Gohan and Kuririn dispatch them in under five seconds! 0_o

Vegita vs. Kui

Vegita: 24,000
Kui: 18,000

Not much going on here. Vegita turns Kui into fishsticks.

Dudoria & Zarbon vs. Namek Fighters

Zarbon: 23,000
Dudoria: 21,000
Namek Fighters: 3,000

Not much going on here either. Both Zarbon and Dudoria vaporize the Namekian fighters.

Vegita vs. Dudoria

Vegita: 24,000
Dudoria: 21,000

Vegita turns the lard ass into pink marshmallows. 'Nuff said.

Vegita vs. Zarbon (1st time)

Vegita: 24,000
Zarbon: 23,000
Zarbon Monster: 33,000

Vegita is only marginally stronger than Zarbon in his first form, however Zarbon is quite a bit stronger than Vegita after his transformation. He really roughs up Vegita good.

Vegita vs. Zarbon (2nd time)

Vegita: 35,000
Zarbon: 23,000
Zarbon Monster: 33,000

After spending some time in the healing tube, Vegita's power level goes up quite a bit, as do all Sayians when they come close to death.

Vegita, Gohan, Kuririn vs. Ginyu Force

Kuririn: 10,000
Gohan: 10,000
Vegita: 20,000
Vegita: 35,000
Gerudo: 10,000
Rikum: 40,000

Well, not much to explain here either. Gerudo is fried by Vegita, and Rikum pounds Gohan, Vegita and Kuririn. The manga lists Vegita as 20,000 while powering up to fight Rikum, when earlier his max level was 24,000. Either Vegita is worn out here, or he figures there is no way to beat Rikum anyway.

Goku vs. Ginyu Force

Goku (Scouter): 5,000
Goku vs Jese and Burter: bursts of 60,000
Goku vs Ginyu: max power of 180,000
Jese: 50,000
Burter: 45,000
Rikum: 40,000
Ginyu: 120,000

Not much explaining to do here. Goku kicks the Ginyu force's ass, and rightly so.

Goku in Ginyu's Body

Ginyu in Goku's Body: 23,000
Jese: 50,000
Vegita: 60,000
Kuririn: 16,500
Gohan: 17,000

Vegita, again after coming close to death, sees quite a power increase and is now able to fry Jese and take on Ginyu in Goku's Body.
Nail vs. Furiza

Nail: 45,000
Furiza (form 1): 530,000

Even though Nail is the strongest Namek fighter, he doesn't even put a scratch on Furiza.

Vegita vs. Furiza (1st Time)

Vegita: 530,000
Furiza (form 1): 530,000
Furiza (form 2): 1,000,000

Furiza and Vegita are dead even before Vegita demands that Furiza show his true power. What a bad move...

Now, I realize that this is a high jump for Vegita, but its the only level that makes sence. Giving Vegita a level of 530,000 at this points clears up dozens of problems and only creates one. I think that's a fair trade off.

Piccolo vs. Furiza

Piccolo (merged with Nail): 800,000
Furiza (form 2): 1,000,000
Furiza (form 3): 2,500,000

Although Piccolo's level is lower than Furiza, he is an extremely intelligent and skilled fighter. Piccolo is able to read Furiza's attacks. This causes Furiza to become flustered about not being able to easily beat Piccolo like he should, forcing his transformation. Also, Furiza is only using a fraction of his full power, as he does when fighting Goku.

Vegita vs. Furiza (2nd Time)

Vegita: 1,000,000
Furiza (form 4 33%): 4,000,000

At this point, Vegita is a little off his rocker. He thinks that he is now a Super Saiya-jin. Although he may have had the potential for going Super Saiya-jin, he lacked a motivating factor. While Vegita felt entitled to becoming a Super Saiya-jin, he did not experience any true anger as Goku did when Furiza killed Kuririn. Also, Furiza is only using a fraction of his full power, as he did when batteling Piccolo and non-Super Saiya-jin Goku.

Goku vs. Furiza

Furiza (form 4 33%): 4,000,000
Furiza (form 4 50%): 6,000,000
Furiza (form 4 70%): 8,400,000
Furiza (form 4 100%): 12,000,000
Goku: 300,000
Goku Kaioken x10: 3,000,000
Goku Kaioken x20: 6,000,000
Super Saiya-jin Goku: 15,000,000

Although Goku's base level is 300,000; he is using Kaioken x10 from the very start of his battle with Furiza.

As you dubbies have no doubt heard "Furiza was using 1% of his power while fighting Goku." This is more evidence to prove my theory that English powerlevels mean crap, as Furiza is really using about 50% (stated in the Japanese show and manga) at the time. From the top: Furiza at 33% fights Goku Kaioken x10, Furiza at 50% and 70% fights Goku Kaioken x20, and Furiza at 70% and 100% fights Super Saiya-jin Goku.

Trunks vs King Cold and Furiza Bot

King Cold: 30,000,000
Furiza Bot: 25,000,000
Trunks (Supressed): 5
Super Saiya-jin Trunks: 35,000,000
Super Saiya-jin Goku: 40,000,000

Toriyama, the mangas, the series, and the Daizenshyus, NEVER list any levels after this point. If you go to another site claiming to have levels after this point, well then they are just lying their asses off. Although, I can't really blame those who use the "Dragonball Guide Book" published in 1996, which doesn't match the series or manga.

The Cell Saga

Super Saiya-jin Goku (not sick): < 45,000,000
Super Saiya-jin Trunks: 45,000,000
Super Saiya-jin Vegita: 47,000,000
Piccolo: 20,000,000
Gohan: 15,000,000
Android 16: 65,000,000
Android 17: 60,000,000
Android 18: 55,000,000
Android 19: 10,000,000
Android 20: 5,000,000
Piccolo (after merging with Kami): 60,000,000
Cell (after absorbing humans): 65,000,000
Cell (after absorbing Android 17):180,000,000
Super Saiya-jin Vegita: 200,000,000
Ultra Super Saiya-jin Trunks: 225,000,000
Perfect Cell : 250,000,000

Cell Game

Super Saiya-jin Vegita: 200,000,000
Super Saiya-jin Trunks: 225,000,000
Super Saiya-jin Gohan: 150,000,000
Super Saiya-jin Goku: 250,000,000
Super Saiya-jin 2 Gohan: 300,000,000
Super Perfect Cell: 300,000,000

The Buu Saga

Piccolo: 225,000,000
Super Saiya-jin Gohan: 330,000,000
Super Saiya-jin Vegita: 340,000,000
Super Saiya-jin Goku: 350,500,000
Super Saiya-jin Chibi Trunks: 140,000,000
Super Saiya-jin Goten: 135,000,000
Android 18: 110,000,000
Kibit: 160,000,000
Yamoo: 300,000,000
Supopovitch: 300,000,000
Dabura: 330,000,000
Fat Buu: 380,000,000
Majin Vegita: 360,000,000
Super Saiya-jin 3 Goku: 400,000,000
Majin Buu: 390,000,000
Gotenks: 290,000,000
Super Saiya-jin Gotenks: 380,000,000
Super Saiya-jin 3 Gotenks: 410,000,000
Majin Buu (w/ Super Saiya-jin 3 Gotenks & Piccolo): 420,000,000
Gohan's Zet sword: 360,000,000
Mystic Gohan: 430,000,000
Majin Buu (w/ Trunks, Goten & Piccolo): 390,000,000
Majin Buu (w/ Piccolo, Trunks, Goten & Gohan): 450,000,000
Vegetto: 500,000,000
Kid Buu: 455,000,000
Goku's Chaou Genkidama: 475,000,000

Note: No DBGT levels since there are no stated levels, guide books, or any other reference points from which to base levels.

- This list is created and maintained by SkullMac.
- Thanks to Trunks for the Bardock and Trunks Special power levels.