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To my beloved,

I love you with all my heart Stephanie Marie Torres and I want to announce it to the world. I have never felt like this towards anyone. I could not nor do I want to live without you. If I have to live without you, I might as well be told not to breathe. I would cut off my own arm if it meant I would be with you for only a minute more. I would give you my lungs if you needed more air. If I can not live with you, I don't want to live without you. You are my sunlight on cloudy days and my kayak on great sunny days. If there is only one word to describe you as it would be sweetheart. I don't know if this will have any effect on the views you have of me, but I hope it at least touches you in your heart some where. Please return to me. I need you like flowers yurn for the sun and rain. I hope that you were able to read this and didn't stop half way though. Please let me know your feelings. Most of all, know that I love you no matter what. You are my one true love and I want noone else in the world.

Your tarnished knight,

Joshua Louis Tetreault