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KaioSama's DBZ Page

Kaiosama's DBZ fan page
Hi! This is my homepage. Welcome to the DBZ fan shrine, home for all who like and enjoy DBZ. I hope you enjoy your stay. I may be inexperienced, but I am in the process learning how to make a website, so please be patient. As I have promised before this site will improve, in fact sooner than you may think. A news section, as well as other cool sections, will now be placed. Enjoy your visit. AS I said earlier, you got what you have all been waiting for, a BETTER site. However I can't promise updates everyday. I'd be glad to receive questiions on Dragonball Z or that you send me your links, within limits of course.


September 23 2000, 2:39 PM GMT:

I addded a link to a great DBZ site today. It is called: DBZ Haven. Enjoy.

September 8 2000, 1:00 PM GMT:

I have updated the site by adding new affiliates, yesterday (actually many of them came from other sites which I happened to visit and liked their affiliated sites). I also added a new vote for me list, the "Top 50 dbz power" banner today. Still, more cool updates, contests and links will come very soon.

September 1 2000, 7:30 PM GMT:

A new super home-page was added. It can be found at: Home. THank you for your interest.

August 24 2000, 9:10 PM GMT:

I have added a new link in the Best sites Shrine. You will enjoy the two new links put up. One of them was was made before, but updated yesterday (Planet Braku's shrine), and the second one(DBZ2057's shrine) was created yesterday. I hopee you enjoy visiting both of these wonderful sites.

August 24 2000, 9:10 PM GMT:

Small updates here and there. Beginnings of preparation for a "special page for a special site" will begin (i.e. any webmaster who contruibutes positively to this site will have not only an affiliate link to his site, but also a page dedicated to his site). The first site having such privilege is Planet Braku. Please visit his website, for cool DBZ stuff and more...

August 23 2000, 5:15 PM GMT:

A contest will soon come this way. Even though nothing is decided, but the topic of the contest has already been set up. Also I've updated a few links on the site and will soon prepare a great links section. So be surprised! and get ready dor some fun!!! I am planning to add up some affiliates, some links have already been put up.

August 20 2000, 10:45 AM GMT:

New links, a survey and a new contest area have been placed on my sitebetewwn yesterday and today. Keep visiting the sitev in case you are interested in the contests. I am currently working and updating alinks section, it's a bit messy, but patience, soon it will be reorganized. Thank you for visiting.

August 17 2000, 8:55 AM GMT:

Welcome to my homepage, It was officially opened on January the 14 th 2000. WE can consider my first major update to be today. but it actually isn't. This site will slowly, but steadily improve. What I'd like to ask from all of you who want to visit this siter is that I'd like you sign the guestbook and visit as many links as you can. My linked or site banners which have been put up are equally as worthwile as my site and in many (most) occasions, even more. So, Please enjoy your stay in this site and if you have any questions, please ask me my email is: Thank you.

Welcome to my DBZ character poll. You will enjoy passing by for a vote. Please try to limit your selves to one vote per day. Thank you. In case you like, this is my second poll, please visit it: My Bolt DBZ poll. SAme request here answer the poll/ question just once per day. This is for statisticasl purposes, in order not to give wrong data. So helped by thepoll values I may update a super section just for the best character voted for at poll's end or when I decide to stop it. TRhe voting may not necessarily end, but it may not have an interest for the site anymore. Perhaps I'll keep on updating sections for DBZ characters each month to see who is the highest.

This is a link to another Poll Page, which is hosted in an other site I made.

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