Odd Emails

Someone, for the love of god, get this man his morphine...

HEY pICcolo, I canT tYpe righT toDAy beCauSe thE moRpHineE is haVing A harSD
tTime Getting Into my BloodD *SCREAMS IN PAIN*, i waAsnt SUpoosed To hiT
that Artery, Was I? BanshEE mIght CoMe oVerER and Swim TomrROw, I HOPE he
DoesSnt Get My Cmopiter Sticky. He KeEps TalKing aboot (yes aboot) PoRno,
eXpecIally Bulmma. He nEverStopS taLking Saboot Bulma aND BaronJEdi. He
says AmIr is his Bitch. AnYnowaay...UrSite iScool and I THInk You ShoUld
have a SectioN on Bulma ForR BansheeE. U shouUld Also Havee a Banshee
NAKEdverSIon on ur charAters List. I dontT wAnna SEE A pic for that T
THough. IN Closing Ur SIte Beats Ass. Truly yours, your biggest fan, this
is Stan, URRR i meaN this IS Big Bro... hehehe...

Um...I don't have a catalogue...

Please send me a your catalogue at (excluded)

Different guy, GOD is he messed up...

WOW! I mean WOW! This is an incredible site!!! Unbelievable!!! I never
seen a more usefull site! DBZ is my bestest show! BESTEST EVER! Hey I'm
really good myself with webpages. I built this thingy with angelfire basic,
I did a great job I think. :) Hey want to me to send you some pictures of
me when I am a Super Saiyin Jin or a Super Namek!? I can be both. And I've
beaten Goku, Vegeta, and Oolong all AT ONCE!!! I have a power level of
56,789,000,000,000. So can I help you out man, I can do stories oh my
adventures with the DBZ gang and tell everyone what it was like being a
supreme fighter! I almost lost to Cell the first time around, but the
second I knocked him up good! I can knock anyone up real well! Next time I
show you my family pictues of my son(Super Saiyan Jin Level 5) and my
wife(Super Namek). I think they would really add to the quality of your
site man! Well anyway, I'm off to save the universe, hey maybe I'll even
send you a Dragon Ball to start a collection to make a wish.
The Spitter

P.S. We should be together man, I'd be your biggest fan.