Good Guys

Goku/Kakarot(Gokuu, Kakaratto)- Goku is the main character of the series. He is also the first of all the Z fighter Saiyans to Super Saiyan. He is a pure-hearted man who would die for anyone. He tends to be the favorite of most DBZ fans. He all in all is a heck of a guy.

Gohan (Son Gohan)- Gohan is Goku's son. He has very special hidden powers that show only when he is enraged. When he is five years old Piccolo kills Goku and Radditz (Raditzu) in a battle. Piccolo then trains Gohan as a fighter in anticipation of the arrival of the stronger saiyans. Gohan is a smart little boy who, like his father is pure hearted. He also is a heck of a guy, just don't piss him off.

Piccolo (Ma Junior, Pikkoro)- Piccolo started out on DBZ as a character of pure evil. But the "pure" in "pure evil" proved false. Piccolo is the counterpart of Kame (Kamisama) If one of them dies, they both die. After Piccolo trained Gohan they fought the saiyans together. One of the saiyans (Nappa) was about to kill Gohan with a Ki blast when Piccolo stepped in front of Gohan and took the blast head on, thus killing himself but saving Gohan. This is a sad moment in DBZ, but don't worry, he'll be back.

Krillin (Kurrirrin)- Goku's best friend. He is the main user of the Destructo disk. This poor little guy dies more often than Kenny™ from South Park™. He is a very short Buddhist monk. He is really the comic relief, I like this guy :)

Vegeta (Beji-ta)- An arrogant, jerky, mean, ruthless...really really really cool saiyan. Vegeta is the second person to reach Super Saiyan. Vegeta turns good after Piccolo. Though He marries Bulma and they have a son named Trunks. Vegeta is very full of himself.

Bulma (Buruma)- This is Bulma, no she is not giant, she's just shown that way in this picture. She has a lot of personality quirks and is really messed up. She is a technological genius who can operate/fix anyhting. She has saved all the Z fighters more than once. She marries Vegeta (what a couple) I put Bulma as a Z teamer even though she dosn't fight, I think they would consider her one of the team.

Yamcha (Yamucha)- He is one of the first villians in DragonBall. He robbed people. He was a very shy teenage male. He was a good fighter but stopped training after the Saiyan (saiya-jin) saga. He still was a fairly good fighter though. His first girlfriend was Bulma but they broke up and she ended up with Vegeta. Poor guy. :(

Tien (Tenshinhan)- Tien was at first an enemy of Goku. He was trained under a rival dojo and defeated Goku at the World Martial Arts Tournament. He is Chaozu's best friends and bodyguard. He invented many teqniques and is a formidable warrior.

Master Roshi (Kame Sennin, Mutenroshi)- Biggest pervert ever. He has the worlds largest pornography collection. He trained Krillin and Goku for many years. He was at one point the worlds strongest man. He's a really cool guy and he's funny as anything. He drank a potion that granted him eternal life.

Yajirobe- A fat wimp who eats everything. He cannot use his Ki energy but he is unsurpassed in swordsmanship. He is often the deliverer of senzu beans.

Chaozu- A telepathy master who, in the beginning of DB and DBZ was a formidable fighter, but fell behind. His best friend is Tien. No one knows were he came from. He was willing to sacrifice himself so his friends may live when fighting Nappa.

Chi-Chi- Goku's wife and Gohan and Goten's mother. She is very protective and VEEERRRY strong willed. She wants Gohan to study, not save the world. Goku meets her in Dragon Ball on Fire Mountain.

Trunks (Trunk)- Son of Vegeta and Bulma. He traveled back in time to warn the Z teamers of the Androids. Everyone but Gohan was killed in his timeline, and Gohan trained him. When they went to fight the androids Gohan knocked him unconcious and went alone. He was killed. This caused Trunks to go Super Saiyan. Bulma built his time machine.

Kame (Kami-Sama) Kami-Sama's original form(hmmm...I'll explain) was sent to earth when his planet Namek was about to explode. He wanted to be an entity of pure good, so he purged his evil side. His evil side formed Piccolo-Daimou. When Goku killed Piccolo-Daimou he spit out an egg that became the Piccolo we know and love. Kami-Sama was the good side. He created the earth Dragon Balls. If either Kami-Sama or Piccolo die, they both die.

Goten- Second son of Chi-Chi and Goku. He goes super Saiya-Jin at age seven. He is very powerful. He looks just like Goku and wears a Gi similar to his. He is usually very happy and mild-mannered, but has a tendency to through tantrums when he dosn't get what he wants.

More to Come!! Dont Worry!

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