Kamehameah- A basic Ki attack were a spherical energy blast with a long tail is shot from the hands. It will explode on impact. Master Roshi is the creator of this attack. This is also the first Ki attack ever used in any of the Dragon Ball series.

Special Beam Cannon (Makankosappo)- A twisting beam Ki energy attack originated by Piccolo. It's twisting power makes it good for piercing armor. Piccolo used this to kill Radditz. The attack also killed Goku. It only ever kills those two.

Masenko- An attack similar to the Kamehameah. This is another attack created by Piccolo. It is used mostly by Gohan though.

Destructo Disk (Kienzan)- A popular and very formidable attack. The Destructo disk is very similare to the Special Beam Cannon in that it has great cutting/piercing power. The edge of this attack is the dangerous part. This attack is done buy Krillin but I couldn't find one of him. Sorry

Spirit Bomb (Genkedama)- This attack is also very formidable. Goku learned this attack from King Kai. It takes energy from everything around you and puts it into one huge orb. The advantage of this attack is it can be far more powerful than you and dosn't suck up all your Ki energy.

Fusion- This attack allows two seperate entities to come together to form another seperate entitie. This makes for one heck of a powerful person. The three most popular fusion charachters are Vegetto, Gogeta(both are Goku and Vegeta), and Gotenks (Goten and Trunks)