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Shane Hopz Calf Workout

my note: I could never find specifically when to do this program, but heres my 2 cents in order from starter to more advanced:
1- Mon, Wed, Fri
2- Every other day period
3- Every day

1) The calf muscle is the most dense muscle in the body, and therefore is the most hardest muscle to train, and will take 150% effort

2) after doing the excercises, u must intake atleast 30 grams of protein. All pro athletes intake 30 grams or more of protein after a workout, And do you know why? Because after you train, your muscle tissue breaks down, and intaking protein is telling your body to use it for the sole purposes of re-building muscle tissue(fibers) ***THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT***trust me

3)the range of motion during excercise will determine how well u will shape your calfs...this means if you want calfs that are nicely shaped and are strecthed and "cut". (the kind that u can see the various muscle groups in the calf muscle itself)...u must train with FULL range of motion.

4)u will see size gains within 3 weeks........and you will see strength gains within 2 weeks......after 2-3 months of vigorous training, u will see the nice NBA calfs you worked hard to get...the results will me!

now you know what the calf actually is and what the properties are .....your ready to train.

first off......apply a "heat rub" to your calfs and achilles tendon. This will ensure good blood flow during excercise. (dont put to much or it will feel like your calfs are on fire!) now stretch your calfs for 5-10 minutes (very will give you the nice "sleek calf" look)

1st set: this is a warm up set, to give u a feel for the next 3 sets ( total of 4 sets) get access to a stair step, and begin doing calf raises with one foot only ( do both feet) when doing it with your left foot, dont hold the stair rail with that same hand, hold it with the opposite hand. do 10 reps for each leg 1 minute.

2nd set: now your ready 2 blast those fuckin calfs....dont let your thighs help u out! do them with your calfs only, and on the "coming down " part, come down slowly ( this is known as the "negative" part of resistance training......this is what makes your calfs big...believe it or not) do 15 reps

3rd : after resting 1 minute do 20 reps

4th: after resting 1 minute do 25 reps

*****now without resting, put both of your feet on the stairs******

do 15 reps of calf raises with both feet with feet shoulder width apart ....then do 15 reps with your feet almost 3 feet apart........then do 15 reps with your feet pointing finish off by doing 15 reps with your feet touching eacother.... rest 2 minutes, then do the "air alert" excercise called "burnouts"....dont do these on the stairs! do them on the ground.....keeping legs straight, do one calf raise and keep that position in the jump up 2-3 inches ....keep on jumping fast for 1 minute ( by this time your calfs will feel like they are about to burst out of your skin....dont give into your body's demands!!! keep telling it to shut up and to the goddamn excercise if you want real results!)

BY the way------- do these excercises with no shoes on.....this will give your muscles a better range of motion than having shoes on. now finish by stretching for 5-10 minutes, and intaking protein ( remember***take protein after doing any weight training....or else your body wont rebuild itself.

thats it. increase the one legged excercise by 5 each week, and the same for each of the two legged calf your second week of training will look like this

1st set: warm up 15 reps

2nd set: 20 reps

3rd set: 25 reps

4th set: 30 reps

Thanks to Shane Hopz for making this great calf workout.