Buying Anime and Manga in Cincinnati

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Live in Cincy? Coming to visit soon? Want to know where to find anime? We have it here...

Comic Book stores: Comic Book World is the best one around here. We have two branches. One is on Harrison Ave, which is on the west side of town. The other (better/bigger) is in Florence Kentucky about 15 minutes outside of Cincy. There is also Queen City Comics. There is one branch a bit down from Kenwood Mall on Montgomery Ave, but the main branch is off Rt4. It's in a little shopping center called "Diplomat's Square". There are also several, smaller comic book stores, but they do not have the huge selection that these two have. Comic Book World is the best with posters, action figures, CDs, stuffed figures, rare and unusual items and stickers. They also have the best prices.

Book Stores: Barnes and Nobles has a little bit of manga, but not much. Same with Joseph-Beth. However, Borders is wonderful when it comes to manga. Several shelves full. They even have a little anime section in the video area. A wonderful place to go when you have a lot of time. You can just sit and read manga for hours.

Toy Stores: Not much here. Kaybe's and ToysRUs occasionally have stuff, but it's mostly pokemon, or very easily found items.

Video Stores: Suncoast is wonderful when it comes to anime. Not only do they have a very nice selection, but they also have a lot of DBZ and Sailor Moon items at fairly good prices. Plus, loads of beautiful t-shirts. We get most of our anime here. Media Play has two major stores in the Cincinnati area, and the one in Norwood has a bit more anime, but both have a really nice collection. I have even seen SM shirts here. Electronics Botique is not a video store, but they have the cheapest anime I've seen here. Worth cheaking out even though the selection is pitiful. Blockbusters vary on where in Cincinnati they are. I have seen many conflicting reports. There are too many to say where they all are, but one in Anderson and one in Sharonville are good.

Markets: Unfortunately, there is no China town even remotely near Cincinnati. We have Tokyo Foods, which is right across from Sports PLus. It was recently robbed, so please go shop there! Jungle Jims is supposed to have a good selection of Japanese foods, but I've yet to visit it.

Other: Cincinnati SciFi is a WONDERFUL place to get anime and manga. The owner regularly goes to Japan, and he has a BEAUTIFUL selection. The best Sailor Moon stuff I've seen ANYWHERE. Definitly a MUST SEE. Prices are a bit on the high side, but you can get the rarest stuff here, so it's worth it.

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