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Check out our Bearded Dragon Lizard... Zamen (pronounced like Top Ramen but with a 'Z')

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superbike1.JPG (100810 bytes) Oh great! Now he wants a motorcycle superbike3.JPG (93009 bytes) searspoint.JPG (99708 bytes) Our newest family member. An Australian bearded dragon.

Allen with his K'Nex 


In case you don't know this is what's going on in the family....

I'm working for Advent Software ( doing technical support. I work with a trading software used by large money management firms. I've learned a bit about SQL Server and am enjoying it. I've also been going to school part time working towards and associates in Computer Information Systems.

 Tracy has a new job! She is working at a hedge fund as an operations assistant. What does that mean? I'm not too sure... all I know is that at the end of the day, she enters trades into some system. Wow, so, she works in the finance industry, my Mom works in the support field, and I work in the support field for financial industry software.  She also started taking some classes at the local junior college. 

Allen doing well. He's taking the summer off from school and spending the days at home. Going for walks to the park, playing in the yard, just enjoying his summer days and looking forward to Kindergarten  


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