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Welcome to Chaos Renditions Production Studios!

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Angelfire gave us 5MB of web space to work with and dammit we used it all! Most likely you have seen my other sites but trust me...


This is...


My last and best web page to ever bear the name of

Chaos Renditions.

We have everything todays modern emerging leader of society needs to live!

  1. Killer Music
  2. Japanese Animation
  3. Wrestling
  4. Video Games

Now before you enter the production studios, I would like to acknowledge the folks who work behind the scenes of Chaos Renditions and make this all possible. First off I would like to thank my girl and the love of my life Clowie, my big bro Mike, and the Chaos Crew: Richard, Elijah, Brian, Ian, Marshall, Alex and James without which I would never have become the crazy Lord of Chaos you see before you and I never would have become inspired to create this webpage.

A special thank you goes out to my net sister anna-nicole, aka. magyar, for spreading the word of mouth about our site. please visit her personal site by clicking HERE.

Also visit the "Pogo Regulars Fan Page" Also Created by Anna.

Now that the Credits are out of the way......


use the links below to navigate your way through the studios and remember the rules are the same here as in any of my other sites.....

Sit Down!

Strap In!

Don't Break Anything!

I Jojo "Chaos" DeVera would personally like to thank the public for making this site the success that it is. Without you this site would be just another 5MB's of wasted space on the web. We have reached this stepping stone of 500 studio members in record shattering pace and it is all thanks to you... our valued Studio Members. I am overwhelemed by the support you have shown me in our short, a little more than a week, existance on the web and all that I could ask is to have each and everyone of you sign the guestbook. With 500+ studio members signed into the guestbook this site will flurish and I will know exactly what you, the public wants. Making this "The Peoples Production Studios." Thank you again and keep spreading the word.... 1000 STUDIO MEMBERS HERE WE COME!


~1/19/200: New members poll added to the Wrestling section. This is your chance to make your voice heard!

1/18/2000: New Artwork added to the Chaos Personal Art Gallery!

~1/17/2000: New Links added under the "Credits" Section for our affiliate sites. A MUST visit.

~1/15/2000: Just Added: "Magic Trick" in the Chaos Arcade.

~1/14/2000: Clowies Webpage Under the "Credits" heading of this page has been updated. Go Visit.

The anime section of the studio. Here we review and rate some of the more well known anime titles available

The wrestling section of our production studio. Here we feature three of the up and rising superstars of the World Wrestling Federation.

The newest addition to our studio tour...VIDEO GAMES!

Lord Chaos' own personal art gallery. See the very best of Jojo's own personal comic art.

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