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Ayashi no Ceres is a manga series by Watase Yuu (who is most famous for Fushigi Yuugi). Recently, (in my mind anyway cause I've been a fan for so long) the series has also been made into an anime series, which has been bough by Viz and will be released in America soon. In the story, twins Aya and Aki Mikage find out on their 16th birthday that they are not normal teenagers. Aya has her ancestor, Ceres, living inside of her. Ceres is a Tennyo, or heavenly maiden, who holds a long-time grudge against the Mikage family because her hagoromo, or feathered robe, was stolen by the patriarch of the family preventing Ceres from returning to the heavens. This man became her husband and she bore his children, who became the Mikage family. Ceres can emerge from inside Aya and take over her body. Ceres is very powerful and wants to kill all affiliates of the Mikage family. Aki, however, is supposedly going to be the savior of the Mikage family, although he doesn't understand how or why. Suzumi and Yuuhi of the Aogiri family, along with their amusing servant Kyuu, become Aya's saviors and friends. Along with Tooya, a mysterious man with an unknown past who is working for the Mikages, Chiodori, an adorable optimistic girl, and others, this story deals with the bonds that form between people and takes the reader through every emotion as the characters develop. This is a wonderful story and I hope it enjoys much success throughout the world.