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and the loser of "AnC Survivor" for the week of May 30 is.... SHISO!!!

There goes the last villan. Poor Alec's the only one left from Mikage, Inc. Here are some of the colorful comments on Shiso:

* He's a vicious prick who's really greedy with Ceres
* He's butt ugly
* All I have to say is >_<
* He's all gross and scarred up

Here's how everyone else did. These are listed in order of who got the most votes down to who got the least. So in other words, being on the top is bad, and being on the bottom is good. Kay? Each character name will be followed by a quote from a person who wanted them to be where Shiso is today. Here we go:

1) Tooya "He does jack and gains Aya's love while Yuuhi does everything he can for her but she doesn't love him"

2) Alec "He's really naive"

3) Yuuhi "Why doesn't he just die already?!"

4) (tie) Aya "She's a slut"
4) (tie) Ceres "She holds a grudge WAY too long"

Shuro only got one vote, and Suzumi didn't get any.

Now Ayachan's comments:
Well, there goes Shiso. We all knew it was gonna happen sooner or later. Most people just aren't into the "bad guys", you know? Shiso's situation was just really jacked, though. I mean, he was a sweet guy but he got all jealous and what not, but isn't that kinda sweet in his own way? He loves Ceres a lot, but he doesn't know how to seperate a lot of his emotions and desires, I think.
I've had the strangest obsession with Mokona (from Rayearth) the last couple of days...

Meet the evil flesh-eating chibis you've chosen to throw Shiso to: