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and the loser of "AnC Survivor" for the week of May 23 is.... AKI!!!!

Aww...the sweetie's been voted off...Here's some of the comments I got on him:

* He's a big pussy
* I hate him
* He sucks because he gives into Shiso while Aya tries hard to fight Ceres
* He just kinda lets stuff happen to him
* He's queer

Here's how everyone else did. These are listed in order of who got the most votes down to who got the least. So in other words, being on the top is bad, and being on the bottom is good. Kay? Each character name will be followed by a quote from a person who wanted them to be where Aki-kun is today. Here we go:

1) (tie)Aya "She's mean to Aki"
1) (tie)Ceres "She's too damn pretty! I'm jealous!"

2) Tooya "He has funny hair"

3) Yuuhi "He needs to leave Aya and Tooya alone"

Shiso and Shuro only got one vote each, and Alec and Suzumi didn't get any.

Now Ayachan's comments:
*yawn* I'm tired today... You guys still into this? I've gotten a lot less votes this week, but I guess it's my fault. Hey, so whaddya think of Aki getting the boot? I like him and all, but I could see where a lot of you were coming from, he does seem weak, and didn't seem to put up the fight that Aya did. (Run-on sentance ^_^ Screw you, school!!!! I'll do as I please! In fact, I'll write another run-on sentance!!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAAHHAAahAHA!!!!!! *Ayachan runs around chibi screaming obscenities while trying to murder her school with a butter knife. She is unsuccessful as always* Damn... Only a few days left... Must...survive....)Oh, so yeah, but Aki's cute I like him but I also agree that he's weaker than Aya, plus he was Shiso for much of the series, so there wasn't a lot of him and this is a fabulous run-on sentance...

Meet the evil flesh-eating chibis you've chosen to throw Aki to: