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and the loser of "AnC Survivor" for the week of May 16 is.... CHIODORI!!!!

Wow, now it gets interesting, ne? Comments on her:

* She's an annoying little brat!
* Why can't she just leave Yuuhi alone?!
* All she does is get in the way
* She's way too cute
* The group would be better off without her

Here's how everyone else did. These are listed in order of who got the most votes down to who got the least. So in other words, being on the top is bad, and being on the bottom is good. Kay? Each character name will be followed by a quote from a person who wanted them to be where Chiodori is today. Here we go:

1) Aki "He's weak"

2) (tie)Tooya "because Yuuhi should get Aya"
2) (tie)Aya "She's a slut"

3) (tie)Ceres "She should just leave everybody alone"
3) (tie) Shuro "He's gay" (Ayachan giggles)

Yuuhi and Shiso got one vote each, while Alec and Suzumi didn't get any.

Now Ayachan's comments:
Now the competition's really gonna get going, guys. Up until now, everyone who's been voted off (except Kyuu- but she doesn't really count *evil laugh*) has been a bad guy. Now that Chiodori has been voted off, I think it's gonna leave a lot of people's favorite characters pretty vulnerable. The only bad guy left is Shiso (unless you count Alec- which I don't). So, anyway, I can't wait to see what happens next! Keep voting!

Meet the evil flesh-eating chibis you've chosen to throw Chiodori to: