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and the loser of "AnC Survivor" for the week of May 9 is.... ASSAMU!!!!

Okay, yes, I know this is backdated, as are the May 16th results, but I have a reason. You can read the reasons at the bottom ^_^ Oh, and don't worry, even though I'm late posting the results, I guarantee they're completely accurate. Okay- here we go!

* He's such a little brat!
* He killed [edited for spoilers- but if you read vol 11, you know]
* He's annoying
* He just bothers me
* He's stupid

Here's how everyone else did. These are listed in order of who got the most votes down to who got the least. So in other words, being on the top is bad, and being on the bottom is good. Kay? Each character name will be followed by a quote from a person who wanted them to be where Assamu is today. Here we go:

1) Shiso "He has too many scars"

2) (tie) Chiodori "Waay too cutesy"
2) (tie) Ceres "She tries to kill Aki"

3) (tie) Yuuhi "I just want him to die"
3) (tie) Tooya "His clothes show more skin than Aya's sometimes"
3) (tie) Aki "He's ugly"

Alec only got one vote, and Shuro, Aya, and Suzumi didn't get any.

Now Ayachan's comments:
It's been a terrible couple weeks for me. I've cracked two knuckles (typing hurts...) and the principal herself searched my bookbag for drugs (which I didn't have on me then, thankfully) but she did find my cigarettes and cell phone, so big trouble for me! Oh, and my parents were called in for that and the fact that my physics average is a 14.6% and my other grades suck, too. The school was concerned since my IQ is supposedly so high and they know that I can do the work easily but I'm just not. Bah! So you could assume that after all that, my parents weren't too thrilled about me having to update my website.
As for thoughts on Assamu, well, we knew it was gonna happen sooner or later, right? I feel bad for the kid (if you've read about his past you'll understand), but he's still annoying, and he killed a certain person, which made me pretty mad at him. And I think I've talked enough, so- Ja ne!

Meet the evil flesh-eating chibis you've chosen to throw Assamu to: