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and the loser of "AnC Survivor" for the week of April 18 is.... KAGAMI!!!!

Boy, what a surprise *rolls eyes*! The first person to be voted off the island and sentanced to death by my evil flesh-eating chibis is the resident bad guy, Kagami Mikage. Here are some of the more colorful comments I received regarding him:

* He is a butt monkey!
* He's ugly
* Bad fashon sense...
* He's and asshole
* Scary....

I'll give you my own commentary on Kagami and his being eaten later, but first here's how everyone else did. These are listed in order of who got the most votes down to who got the least. So in other words, being on the top is bad, and being on the bottom is good. Kay? Each character name will be followed by a quote from a person who wanted them to be where Kagami is today. The two that were the next closest to being killed (it was a tie) were Tooya *gasp* and Wei. Here we go:

1) (tie)Tooya "He has no personality. At all."
1) (tie)Wei "He's so annoying! I wish he would just drop dead!"

2) Kyuu "We need to get rid of the bottom feeders before we get into the real competition."

3) (tie) Yuuhi "I dunno. He bothers me so I just feel like it."
3) (tie) Aya "I find Aya...dislikable. Now that's mild"
3) (tie) Shiso "He looks so freaky *whimper*"

4) (tie) Shuro "She was already basically kicked out of the anime..."
4) (tie) Chiodori "She is soooo annoying!!!"
4) (tie) Ceres "She is evil"

Alec and Suzumi only got one vote each, and Aki and Assamu (! Do you guys know who he is?!) didn't get any.

Now Ayachan's thoughts: My favorite part, Wheee!!!!Please read this *sniffle* It's real important to me...
I recieved the most insightful vote for Kagami just a few minutes ago, and I want to say something about it. Here it is, in its entirity:
he's beyond evil...further than mad scientist evil...i hate the way people like him excuse their actions by thinking it's because their mother went crazy or something. Yuuhi's upbringing was ten times worse than what kagami had to go through and he didn't turn out to be a prick! BOO TO EVIL!
I see what she (will just call her a girl cause the majority of AnC fans are-- although we welcome boys, don't we, ladies?)anyway, yeah, so I see what she's saying, and she's got a really good point. But the thing is, I don't see Kagami as bad.
Why the hell not- he, like doesn't mind killing people and stuff!
I know, but you see, the differance between say, Yuuhi's upbringing (which was really sad T.T) and Kagami's is that Yuuhi had someone that cared about him, so he learned the value of human life. We all know that killing is wrong, but how can you if you've never learned to care about people (including yourself) because nobody cared about you? If people have little to no value to you, then the taking of those people would have the same effect. In simpler terms- say you're reading about a car crash in the paper where some guy died. I mean, you might be sorry but you're not gonna cry and it's not gonna affect you or your life because you never knew or cared about that guy in particular. Well, Kagami, who was raised without love, can't feel love for anybody. He has replaced love with infatuation and obsession, which can often appear to be love (and I'm talking about his thing for Ceres, of course). So what does a guy like this do? Something I kinda admire, which is to try to make the world a better place (in his eyes) and to go about doing it in the only way he knows how.
Um...haven't you ever heard that the road to hell is paved with good intentions?"
True, but hey, Kagami realizes this in the end does he not? Haven't you ever royally screwed up something when you only meant well? I know I have. I dunno, you don't have to agree with me, but thanks for reading this far. I really appreciate it, cause it was something I wanted to share. Please email me to tell me your opinion on what I said.

Meet the evil flesh-eating chibis you've chosen to throw Kagami to: