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Okay, I'm just gonna stick up crap I drew unless people send me pictures they drew (or even better- links to them). I don't think I'm very good at drawing, but I do like it and I do it a lot. Um...and don't steal them (I don't know why you would, though) Okay. That's all.
Alright, I only have like, a million or so sketches of Tooya all over the floor in my room, but I don't feel like scanning them right now. Here's one of Alec I drew for my friend Washu-the-Alec-lover. She made colored a copy of the original so I'm putting that up too. The pic of Shuro's in pencil, Tooya's charcoal, and Chiodori's watercolor. I like variety in the sucky crap I produce :P

When I was babysitting, I wanted to sketch Tooya, but I opened my purse and saw that my favorite gel pen leaked ink all over it. The pen wouldn't write out of the tip, so I turned it around and used the end where the ink was leaking out. It produced this pic, ink blots and all. ^_^

and this was the pen:

Okay, so it's not an Ayashi no Ceres pic, but this took all of Precalc and Physics class to do, so enjoy!
I'll put more up later!