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These character descriptions are biased. If you do not agree with my feelings about the characters, that's fine. Also, don't worry about spoilers, I would never do that to you. However, there might be some stuff you don't know if you haven't read volume 1, but I can't help you there. Most of these pictures can be found the inside front jacket of the manga, but I'm not finished scanning those so some are still black and white manga pics.
Aya Mikage

Aya is almost exactly like me. She can be kinda ditzy about things but is not stupid. Aya is also pretty tough and bitchy. She is faced with having her life turned upside down and deals many deep emotions throughout the series. She is deeply in love with Tooya, loved by Yuuhi, younger twin sister of Aki, cousin of Kagami, and friend of just about everyone except Kagami, Shiso, and affiliates.

Aki Mikage

Aki is a kind caring person, someone you'd just wanna hug. He's a cutie pie who has to go through a lot. He is Aya's older twin brother (also Kagami's cousin) and loves her very much and it is hard for him to be seperated from her.


*sigh* how should I begin? Tooya is THE sexiest guy I've ever seen! I LOVE HIM!!!!! Okay, now that I got that out of my system... Tooya has a lot of lonliness and confusion inside him because he has lost his memory and is all alone in the world (*sniff* poor darling!)He loves Aya, but has a hard time understanding or expressing his love. He must be special though, 'cause how many people you know can make a sword come out of their wrist like him?

Yuuhi Aogiri

Another great guy- Yuuhi! Who doesn't love this cutie? He's a funny guy who always seems to have bad stuff happen to him. He's Suzumi's brother-in-law and is in love with Aya, who does not love him back. Aww...poor Yuuhi-kun!

Kyuu Oda

Kyuu is the ultimate comic relief! Look at her(isn't she pretty?)! She is kinda a servant to Suzumi and Yuuhi, but she's more like a motherly figure to them. Watch her mad driving skills!

Suzumi Aogiri

Suzumi is such a cool woman! It's hard to find cool women in anime these days... Suzumi has a really sad past but she's strong. Suzumi is Yuuhi's sister-in-law and is kinda in charge of everyone living in her house (which is, like, everyone)

Kagami Mikage

Kagami is pretty much the antagonist in this story, but I think he's a pretty good guy underneath. His past is pretty sad and I think he dosn't know how to love. His motives are good, but he just has no regard for human life. pfft.

Chiodori Kuruma

Look at my munchkin! Isn't she cute? Chidori shows up in vol.4 looking for Ceres and Yuuhi because she wants Ceres to fly with her adorable little brother, Shouta. I could tell you more, but either you know it already or I'd be a spoiler- so forget it. I love Chiodori 'cause she's funny and great to have around. I want one!!!

Alexander O. Howell

Whaddya know, another cutie! I better watch what I say about Alec 'cause my friend Michelle loves him. hehe. Alec (or Alex as I like to call him) works for Mikage International, but he is still a good guy at heart. This sweetie's was born in Scotland (you can tell by his accent, moved to America at 10 years old and went to MIT. Part of Alec's charm is his love for anime and video games and his intellegence(his IQ is 260!). A great guy altogether.