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Located amid the sweltering deserts of Titania, Makhail Base was considered to be an unimportant Venomian supply station during the early years of the war, and just recently when the Cornerian threat to Titania was too great, Andross ordered the base to be abandoned for the most part so that the precious supplies would be stored in a better fortified place. For the next six months, the base was generally forgotten by both factions in the war.

However, even though the base has been stripped of its importance, it still held a small garrison of Venomian soldiers, mainly in the military reserves. Since the place is not a supply station anymore, its main importance might be as a P.O.W. camp, though those are just rumors that are uncomfirmed. We have received news from Cornerian Intelligence that one of our spies, a male skunk named Benson Chaldu, might have defected to the Venomian side for unknown reasons, and is hiding out in Makhail.

Your mission is simple enough. Hunt down and capture Benson Chaldu, and he is wanted dead, no exception. Treason is a high crime, and his fate will tell everyone how serious we consider the crime of betrayal to be. Coming with you for assistance will be Jonathan Quarzar, a computer specialist, and his younger sister Merideth, a private assassin. They will not go in their own transporter, so they will have to become second passengers in some of your fighter jets.

Though the base has low-level security, expect resistence in the form of air reinforcements from neighboring Venomian military bases. Also, several of the neighboring bases has long range artillery guns, which has the capability of pounding Makhail base from many miles away. Once they detect your infiliteration into Makhail, they might attempt to use those guns to strike the base. Therefore, once you enter Makhail, proceed with quick haste.

Good luck, Shadow Crusaders.


Arwing/Customized air superiority fighter
Two fragment grenades
Two Cornerian ADV-15 pistols (15 rounds)
One extra ADV-15 ammo clip
Melee weapon of your choice

Map of Makhail base