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Well here's the page where you can find some information on the FY gang. These are the profiles of mostly the Suzaku and the Seriyuu related people because... I don't know that much about the Genbu or Bayakko groups. All the information on these pages took a long, and i mean LONG, time to find. And now, just like the episode summeries, i have a new respect for people who take time out of there day to do things like these. The things that are on the pages now are just basic stats like Name, Age, Birthplace, and other things like that. Its a start but its not enough, so i'll put little life summeries or detailed something up for every one. Its going to take a long time to do them all and if i go in any order it will be alphabetical so they'll pop up all over the place. All the Alias' i have put up on this page are not from me i have heard them somewhere or from some one. That means if you have an Alias for some one that you thing needs to be on this page e-mail it to apple and i'll put it up and give you credit if you want. That also means that not all the nicknames these characters have are on these pages. WARNING: THERE ARE SOME SPOILERS ON THESE PAGES, AND WHEN I FINSH THE SUMMERIES THERE WILL BE A LOT MORE SPOILERS. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS DO NOT CONTINUE. As for the rest of you, Onward. Oh you should wait until the pictures finish loading. It takes a while but The whole affect is cool.