The Devils of Kimon, led by Gemma. Sought to capitalize on the gold taken from a secret mine which had crashed ashore on a ship in a terrible storm.
HP: 300 / +30
MP: 50 / +10
Pwr: 5 / +2
Def: 5 / +2


If you're unfamiliar with humans, look at a mirror. Humans are different from the others by a few things. One, they have specialized powers, such as prophecy, healing magic, or special weapon techniques. For another, humans can teach techniques to eachother, as well as learn new ones as they gain experience.
HP: 400 / +20
MP: 100 / +10
Pwr: 10 / +2
Def: 5 / +2

Jubei Kibagami - Human (M)
"If you so enjoy the company of Devils,
you should hurry back to Hell, Gemma.
A mercenary working for Dakuan, mainly for the antidote he holds in his mind. Holds severe hatred for Gemma, who he killed once before.

Kagero - Human (F)
Her soul is filled with poison, and any man that sleeps with her dies of it. Tessai was killed with a combination of this and a skillful attack from Jubei, though he knew nothing of it at the time.

Dakuan - Human (M)
A government spy who's team was killed by the Eight Devils. Elisted Jubei's help with a poisoned dart and the promise of an antidote.

Hanza - Human (M)
The leader of the Koga ninja team, sent by the Chamberlain. Killed when Tessai ripped his arms from their sockets.

Tessai - Devil (M)
"Not quite the right direction. The way to
Hell is... Right HERE!
One of the Eight Devils of Kimon, his skin is hard as rock, and impenetrable by regular attacks. When killed, he copies the imprint of his killer's face in his palm.
Stone Skin - 0 DP, 60 MP - Damage from next attack is reduced to zero. Can only be used twice per battle, and with no less than 3 of user's turns between uses.

Yurimaru - Devil (M)
"I don't need your love. You don't interest me,
even in the slightest. Now go and stand watch.
Second in command to Gemma. Uses fine wires to talk with him, and to attack his enemies.
Electrocute - 130 DP, 30 MP

Benesato - Devil (F)
Sent after Tessai when he failed to return. Proceeded to attack Jubei for killing Tessai.
Serpent's Charm - 125 DP, 35 MP
Snake Skin - 0 DP, 60 MP - Evades the next attack. Can only be used once per battle.

Shijima - Devil (M)
Controlled the corpse of a girl from Shimoda village to convince the people that there was a plague. Hides in shadows and attacks silently.
Shijima's Claw - 130 DP, 25 MP
Shadowgate - 0 DP, 60 MP - Dodges next attack. Can only be used once per battle.

Ukyukyu Myujyuro - Devil (M)
"If you wish to defeat me,
you mustn't make a sound.
The only blind Devil of Kimon. Has enhanced hearing and is very skilled with the sword.
Concentrated Hearing - 0 DP, 60 MP - When used with another attack, it becomes unblockable (usable once per 3 attacks), or can be used to dodge an attack against the user (usable once per battle).

Sakuro - Devil (F)
"Yurimaru must have stepped into my trap, an
unfortunate accident. Now he's the Queen of the Devils.
The next to last Devil left alive. Also one of the only two female Devils of Kimon. She uses dead bodies as bombs of sorts to attack her enemies, filling them with gunpowder.
Explosive Corpse - 135 DP, 40 MP

Gemma - Devil (M)
The leader of the Eight Devils of Kimon, and the self-proclaimed Shogun of the Dark. Seeks to capture the gold off the ship from a secret mine.
Regeneration - 0 DP, 100 MP - Adds 1/4 of user's Max HP to their current HP total.

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