The Shrine to Wing Gundam Zero, Wing Gundam Zero Custom, and Heero
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The Shrine to Wing Zero Custom and Heero


My favorite Gundams

1. Wing Gundam Zero Custom

2. Wing Gundam Zero

3. Nataku (Altron Custom)

4. Wing Gundam

5. Sand Rock

Wing Zero Plus

Wing Zero Plus is possibly the best place to go to find information about Wing Gundam Zero, there is a large image gallery 20+ pictures, fanart,and the list.

Pictures: Pictures of Wing Gundam Zero.

Fanart: Right now only my fanart, but in time hopefully more soon, there is fanart of only Wing Gundam Zero, if you want WGZC go to WGZC Plus.

Fanfiction: None yet, if you're looking for what was here you can find GW 001Z in WGZC Plus now.

The List: The list basically just is a big list, listing various reasons Wing Gundam Zero & Wing Gundam Zero Custom are much better than the other Mecha's/Moblie Suits/Gundams.

Wing Gundam Zero Custom Plus, is by far the coolest site I've done, it includes.

Pictures: As many as I could find of Custom, about 10 up more to come, just have to upload them.

Fanart: Like Zero Plus, only my art work, there is only one picture of Custom, but also of Chikara, Custom's human form, from GW 001Z.

Fanfiction: Right now GW 001Z, has been moved here, I am currently working on a fic call Legend of Zero, I hope to finish that soon.

Stats: Are very similar to Zero, but I still but them up, plus my comentary on Custom. (in other words me bragging how much I love it.)

The Heero Zone

Pictures: This site specislizes in the hotest of the hot Heero pics, the gallery is very large, and I still have many more pics to put up.

Stats: Two profiles on Heero, one generic one, that everyone must have seen a million times, and one from "Animerica Magazine", that one is really great.

Fanart: Ok still only me, but one picture is Heero and Chibi-Heero and the other one is Heero, with the caption "Omae o Korosu"

Fanfiction: All that's there is a yaoi 1x5 fic, i think it's really funny, but some people may not like the idea of Heero and Wufei being lovers.

Yaoi 1x5: Is a collection of pictures I had edited of Heero and Wufei together, there in no major yaoi, but it is heavily implied.

Ok, this is by far worse than the Pocket Bishonen's, my rant page about how much I hate Epyon, or as I like to call him "Crappyon", of course I have some reasons, like from me and my 1x5 yaoi mascots, and a few friends, the page is really for humor purposes only so don't take it too seriously.

Heheheheh, I HATE this MS with a passion, greater than that of my hate of Epyon, please don't go here if you like Tallgeese or Zechs (Milliardo) you won't be happy with here.

Yaoi 5x1 or 1x5 has been moved to a bigger site, it's much cooler now.

I know it's wrong, but I couldn't help myself, so many cute bishonens, I have caught 24 and you can view them here, and there is a link back to Pocket Bishonen, where I caught them all, and you can too, Gotta Catch 'Em All...Bishonen!


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