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Only in dreams
Only in Dreams The sky was dark; the only light came from stars and other distant planets. There was no moon, there wouldn’t be for another 6 years. It was late, but the young saiyajin prince paced his chambers tirelessly. Finally Vegeta stopped at the window staring out. His faint reflection showed an eight-year-old boy with wild unruly black hair, swept up like a flaring flame, dark eyes, and a body that was impossibly muscular for a child his age. Though most saiy-jinn looked this way, no matter what their age. Vegeta crossed his arms in annoyance. He had no idea what was keeping him from the sleep he seriously deserved after the long day of training he had endured. He debated with himself on whether or not he should address his father about the situation, but thought quickly against it. King Vegeta had a low tolerance of anything of little importance. And anything about his son that didn’t concern his training or power level achievements was of very little importance. Vegeta sighed and headed back to his bed to attempt sleep once more. He lay for awhile; staring at the ceiling until he sighed again in relief as sleep finally took him.
It only seemed like a few moments when a soft sound drifted toward Vegeta’s ears. It was laughter. Annoyed, the saiy-jinn prince opened his eyes and squinted in pain at the sudden brightness of the unfamiliar sun that shown down on him. Vegeta scrambled to his feet and looked around. Where was he? No longer in his private chambers in the Royal House of Vegeta, but in a meadow, where flowers and trees grew everywhere, and Vegeta stared in awe at the sight. Plants were extremely rare on his planet, and were only used as a source of food. But here they were everywhere. As he looked around, Vegeta heard the sound of laughter once again. Vegeta searched until he found the sound coming from a small figure sitting beneath the largest tree in the middle of the meadow. Cautiously he moved closer and made the figure out better. It was a young girl. And what a strange sight she was. Though her back was turned, Vegeta could make her out clearly. She looked about his age, maybe a year younger. Her hair was (Vegeta laughed) blue, and pulled back in a long braid, not black and flared out like traditional saiy-jinn. And she looked so…frail, not at all built with muscle. Vegeta reached to the side of his head and grinned when he felt his scouter securely attached behind his right ear, He pushed the button and numbers began tallying in the screen in front of his eye. When the stopped, Vegeta really did laugh. A power level of 3?!? He thought to himself, how pathetic is that? At his sudden out burst, the girl whipped around and gasped, staring at Vegeta in surprise. “Who are you,” she demanded. Vegeta frowned, forking an eyebrow. He may have surprised her, but she wasn’t scared. Strange considering how much more powerful he was then her. But he shrugged it off and answered her. “I should be asking you the same question,” he said crossing his arms over his chest. The girl frowned. “My name is Bulma”, she said. “Bulma?’ Vegeta laughed,” what kind of name is that?” Bulma gasped in anger. “It’s MY name and I like it!!!’ she declared,” and what’s your name, or do you have one?” she sneered. Vegeta frowned again. This girl maybe a weakling, but she had a temper that almost made up for it. Standing strait he answered with great pride. “I am Vegeta, Prince of the Saiyajin’s” Bulma stared silently for a moment, then collapsed in laughter. “Ve-Vegeta?” she cried, “oh that’s rich! Prince of the saiyajin’s?” she howled in laughter. Vegeta’s arms fell, his fists clenching in anger. What an insult, her laughing at him, at his royal title like that! I should kill her right here and now for that, he thought, and raised his hand forming a small ki ball to shoot at the laughing girl, but stopped when he saw Bulma clutching something to her chest as she laughed. It was an orange ball about the size of an adult male’s fist, and had a single star on its round surface. “What’s that,” he asked pointing at the shining spear. Bulma stopped laughing and looked down to where Vegeta pointed. “This?’ she asked. Vegeta nodded. “It’s a dragon ball.” Suddenly her blue eyes narrowed in suspicion. “And if your thinking of taking it from me, think again!!! You just try, you’ll be sorry!” Vegeta snorted. “You’re threatening me?” he asked, slightly amused. “Yes,” she said, “I’m not afraid of you! I’ve fought boys before, and won!” Vegeta laughed. “You’d never get within three feet of me,” he said. Bulma propped both her hands on her hips. “What make you so sure of yourself?’ she demanded. “Because you have such a puny power level,” the prince answered. “A what?” said Bulma looking confused. “A power level, it’s a number that tells you how powerful a person is,” Vegeta replied,” your power level is 3…” he checked his scouter again, “ 5 when your angry.” “And what’s YOUR power level,” Bulma demanded. Vegeta smiled evilly. “Fifteen-hundred and thirty-seven,” he replied. Bulma gasped. Vegeta folded his arms smugly. “Still want to take me on?” Bulma stared for a moment, then stood, dropping the orange sphere to the ground behind her. “No boy could be that strong,” she said. Vegeta raised an eyebrow. “Is that a challenge?” Bulma glared at him. “I suppose it is.” Vegeta smiled. “Very well then,” he said. This was going to be too easy. They stood, regarding each other for a moment: the girl, and the saiy-jinn prince. Then without warning Bulma charged forward at full force, but her arms grasped at the empty space where the saiyajin had been standing. Stumbling to a halt, she looked around in confusion. Suddenly strong hands clamped down on her wrists, pulling them behind her back, twisting her wrist bones at an unbearable angle. Bulma cried out in pain, falling to her knees. From behind her, Vegeta laughed. This girl is unbelievably pathetic, the prince regarded, all he had to do was bend her arms a little more and they would snap like twigs. Bulma whimpered in pain, struggling in Vegeta’s grasp, but she could not break his iron grip. Vegeta leaned forward, whispering in to here ear. “Give up?” “Yes,” she gasped, “please let me go.” He released his grip on her and she fell forward, scrambling away. For a moment she just sat, struggling for breath. The abruptly she began crying. No, not crying, wailing, at the top of her little lungs. Vegeta winced. For something so small, this girl could make an awfully loud noise. “Baka! What are you crying for?” he demanded “I didn’t hurt you THAT much!” “I KNOW!!” Bulma said between wails, “ but now I have to give you my dragon ball!!!!” she said, letting out another wave of loud wails and sobs. “What?” he said, “ why would I want such a worthless piece of junk?” Bulma stopped crying and looked up. “You mean you don’t want to collect all the dragon balls and make a wish for yourself?” she asked. Vegeta paused for a moment considering what she had just said. Wishes? That didn’t sound like such a bad idea. But he said nothing, fearing another of her outburst. “No”, he answered her, “ what ever gave you that idea?” “Well, you wanted to fight me,” she replied. “That’s because I’m saiyajin, I never turn down a fight.” “Oh,” Bulma looked confused, but relived. At least she wasn’t making that horrible noise anymore. “So that’s what that over sized marble does?” Vegeta asked, “grant wishes?” “Yes, but you have to have all seven of them for it to work. And I only have one right now”, she replied sadly walking over to the tree. She sat down and pulled the ball into her lap, sighing. Vegeta was about to leave then, but something stopped him. Something was telling him to go and find out more about this weak little girl. Why do I care, he thought, “this girl with hardly a ki is of little concern to me. I’ve much better things to think about. But for some reason, he did care. Slowly he turned and walked back to Bulma, and sitting down next to her he asked, “What do you plan to wish for, when you get all seven of those, I mean.” Bulma couldn’t hide her surprise. She almost said something, but something told her that this boy really wanted to know. “Well,” she said,” I’ve thought this over a lot, and I’ve finally decided on two things I might ask for. “What would those be?” Vegeta said, trying to hide his curiosity. “Well, one thing I might wish for would be to have all the strawberries I could eat,” she said smiling. Vegeta laughed. “That’s a stupid wish,” he said Bulma huffed. “It is not. Strawberries are just about the best food in the world,” she exclaimed. Vegeta shrugged. “What was the second thing you might wish for?” he asked. Bulma looked at the ground nervously. Would he think this one was stupid as well? “I,” she started, “I’ve always wanted a boyfriend, so I thought I’d wish for one. Bulma felt herself blushing. “Boyfriend, what’s that?” Vegeta said. “Um,” Bulma said, remembering that this boy obviously wasn’t from around here, and didn’t know a lot of things. “Well a boyfriend is a boy that a girl, like me, could care about, and be together with. “Oh,” Vegeta said understanding now. ”My planet has a word for those types of people. We call them mates.” “Hmmm,” said Bulma, “do, do you have a ‘mate’,” she asked. Vegeta snorted. “Of course not, I haven’t the time, and besides, my elders say I’m to young to have children” Bulma gasped, flushing again. “No no,” she said,” boyfriends and girlfriends don’t have kids until they’ve been together long enough to get married. Vegeta nodded, but was still confused. He let it by. No use getting dragged into something he didn’t understand. This girl and her culture seemed very strange. As Vegeta thought, he felt his stomach growl, and realized he was starving. “You don’t happen to have any food with you, do you?” he asked Bulma She shook her head, “ nope, but there’s some apples up in that tree,” she said pointing at the tree they sat beneath. Vegeta looked up, and sure enough, about a dozen bright red apples hung from the branches of the huge tree. “I suppose we’ll have to climb up and get them,” Bulma said. “Climb?’ Vegeta said, confused. “Yes, climb,” she said, looking annoyed,” or do you have a better way.” Vegeta grinned and to Bulma’s amazement, floated up off the ground, and flew into the thick branches of the tree. Scrambling to her feet, Bulma watched in awe. “You can fly?” she called up to him. “You can’t?” he replied “Of course I can’t, humans don’t fly!” “Well saiyajin’s do,” Vegeta said as he began gathering apples into his arms. After awhile his arms were full and he was just about to fly back down, when his sharp eye caught sight of the biggest, reddest apple yet. Vegeta’s arm’s were filled to capacity, so he unwrapped his tail from where it lay wrapped around his waist, and used it to grasp the apple, pulling it from the branch. Satisfied, Vegeta stepped off the branch and levitated back to the ground where Bulma waited. He held out the armload to her. “Oh, “ she said, “ just one is fine thanks.’ Vegeta shrugged and handed her the one wrapped in his tail. Bulma nearly fainted at the sight. “Y-Y-You’ve got a tail”, she stammered. Vegeta raised an eyebrow, as she noticed he was accustom to doing. “Yes,” he replied, “ I do.” Bulma shook her head, “Now I’ve seen everything. Vegeta noticed now that where a female saiyajin’s tail would be looping to and fro, depending on what type of mood she was in, Bulma had nothing. Again Vegeta thought, this is a strange race, these, what did Bulma call them? Humans. Together they sat down and began to eat. Bulma thoughtfully taking small bites from her apple, while Vegeta just popped them into his mouth one whole apple at a time. Bulma watched wide eyed as he did so. “Quite an appetite you’ve got there,” she said breaking the silence. Vegeta shrugged, but said nothing and continued eating. They sat for awhile, saying nothing, just eating. Finally Vegeta finished, and noticed the sun was setting in the west. Bulma was yawning. Vegeta stood and walked away, over toward a small stream he had noticed earlier, crouching down he washed the juice from his hands and face. The sun was gone by now. Vegeta stood and walked back to the tree. When he reached it, he found Bulma, lying on the ground, sound asleep. Silly girl, he thought, falling asleep in a place like this, she should have gone home. The last thought stuck him. Maybe he had better go and find his way home too. He turned to fly off into the night, but hesitating once again, he turned to face Bulma. She looked so weak and helpless, lying there asleep under the tree. Anything could happen to her if he were to just leave her there. BA! What do I care, he thought, she’s just a loud annoying little girl! But somehow he knew that he couldn’t just leave her, that he had to stay and watch over this strange human girl. Vegeta sighed and lay down besides her, propping himself up on one arm to watch as she slept. She moved then, making a soft frightened noise like a dove, unconsciously reaching her hand out to him. Vegeta didn’t move for a moment, afraid he would wake her. When she didn’t move he relaxed. Then he reached out and placed his own hand over hers. “Don’t worry Bulma-San,” he whispered, “I’ll protect you.” Bulma smiled and sighed in her sleep, as if she had heard his promise. With that they young saiy-jinn prince drifted off to sleep.
A loud knocking sounded, and Vegeta bolted up in his bed. He stared around in surprise. He was back in his chambers in the palace. Again the prince heard knocking at his door. “Who is it!” he yelled angrily. “It’s me your highness”, Nappa’s voice sounded, “hurry up and get out here, your to begin your training immediately. “Alright, I’m coming,” Vegeta yelled, greatly annoyed.” He climbed out of his bed and began to dress, pulling on his armor. So it had all been a dream. Just a lousy dream.
Many years passed after that. The young prince remembered the dream and spent his time looking for the girl from his dream. But within the years that past, he grew into a great powerful saiyajin warrior, and eventually forgot the dream, forgot the image of the small human girl with the blue hair, and temper to match his own. The prince went on, destroying many planets, until he arrived on one, where he discovered, was home to many great warriors, and to his surprise Vegeta soon found himself an ally to them. But he did not remember the dream until one day; he awoke in the Capsule Corporation infirmary due to an overload in the gravity room, and saw a young woman sleeping at her desk, next to his cot. He knew her as the loud mouthed annoying friend of that fool Kakarott. But now as Vegeta watched her sleeping face, familiarity struck him as he recalled his childhood dream, and the image of the blue haired girl sleeping beside him. And he knew that he had finally found her.