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SeekersHeart is a retreat for relaxation, meeting friends and finding your heart....It is intended for use in Virtual Places. Everyone is welcome. I ask only that you respect the rights and privacy of others, reduce mega av's if the room is filling up, treat each other with kindness and honesty and enjoy your stay.

I can only hope that everyone has at least the chance to find someone with whom to share their tenderness, their heart, their spirit and their soul........without clutching or clinging and still able to retain their own individuality....their own space.....

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!


VP Rooms at Seeker's Heart:
Java Rooms: (moving water etc.) For use with voice chat, turn down the music volume on the control at the bottom of each page. On pages containing .wav files turn the music off before using voice. Enjoy.....

Across The Miles Longing Peaceful Dreams With You
Baby..You Ok? Your Magic Touch Tenderly
Tranquil Dream The Quiet Rush A Time For Reflection
Port In Life's Storms Unicorn's Fantasies Waterfall Mysteries
The Wolf Just You And I Passion In The Air
Invisible To The Eye So Softly My Wish For You
Until..My Foolish Heart Always Wonder "Cutter and Candy"
Imation's Dream Rahnee's Heart Phantom/Pain
Winter Serenity Beebee's Loves Dreaming...
Lonepine Wonder Glenn
This Time Marla and Steven Love Moods


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