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A bit About the People Behind the Site

Job:Web Master (aka:The Person Who does All the Stuff no one else Does)
Favorite Anime Character:Sailor Uranus, Rei Ayanami
Favorite Anime/Manga:The Slayers (Anime), X/1999 (Manga). Why isn't Sailor Moon my favorite anime? Well, it is but it's a never ending battle in my mind which is better. The same for the Manga. It took me a while to single out any of them. Ranma 1/2 is great, so of course is Magic Knight Rayearth, along with Sorceror Hunters and Gundam Wing and... *Sigh*
Info:Who am I? That's a good question...I don't think I know the answer myself. Well, if you haven't noticed, I love all anime (except for Project A-ko, The Legend of Crystania, Galaxy Express 99, and just about most Mecha stuff) and manga. I also love music (classical and rock). I came to love all anime due to a friend of mine who showed me what lay beyond Sailor Moon. The first anime I ever watched was Thunder Cats (cringe), but Voltron was always a favorite (one of the two Mecha shows I like). Am I babbling enough? Well, I also like working on this page. But I still need more help...*cries*.