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Sailor Moon Stars

        Sailor Moon Stars is another of my favorite seasons.  It is about an evil villain Galaxia and her quest to take over the universe by stealing people's Star Seeds.
        The season starts out as usual, everyone is enjoying the peace after the long battle from Season SuperS.  However, this season starts out with a nice twist.  Nehelenia (villain from SuperS) is revived and tries to take her revenge on the Senshi.  She captures Mamoru and lures the Senshi to her evil domain.  Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (who happened to have no part in SuperS) return to help everyone.  Also, Saturn suddenly is reawakened and fights this time, alongside the other Senshi.  Anyway, eventually they win and the season continues.
        The next part of the season starts off with the introducing of a new pop group, the Three Lights.  Also, Mamoru leaves to study in America (sniff).  Anyway, all of the Inners are obsessed with the Three Lights (even Ami, who seems to be more obsessed than Minako) except for Usagi who is preoccupied with Mamoru.
        However, she meets Seiya, who is one of the Three Lights, and he ends up falling in love with her.  Anyway, moving on, Usagi finds out about new enemies who are (surprise) Sailor Senshi.  They are the Animates who are under Galaxia's control.  Also, a new group of allies the Sailor Starlights appear.  Sailor Moon trusts them, but the Outers are skeptical because the Starlights are from a different solar system.
        The rest of the season is about the fight with Galaxia and her minions.  This is the last season of Sailor Moon.  This is probably their worst battle ever.  For more details, click here.  However, I don't recommend this because I read about it before I saw this season and it sort of ruined it.

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