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Sailor Moon S

       Sailor Moon S is one of my favorite seasons.  It introduces the Outer Senshi, Uranus (yay!), Neptune, Pluto (already introduced in R) and Saturn.  The season starts out with the group relaxing after the whole Black Moon incident.  Chibi Usa has returned to the future, and everyone is enjoying the peace.  Well, everyone except Rei who has a horrible premonition of the end of the world.  She doesn't tell anyone about it though.  Anyway, yeah I'm going into detail, but this season is so complex it's hard to explain it.  Well I guess I can say the main thing.
         Sailor Moon S is about the Sacred Cup and the Silence.  The Silence is the end of the world and the Sacred Cup is what can either save it or destroy it.  The Sacred Cup can only be wielded by the Messiah.  There are two Messiahs, the Messiah of Silence, and the Messiah of Light.  Take a guess as to which one is good.  Anyway, to find the Sacred Cup, you need to find the Three Talismans.  The Sacred Gem, the Sacred Mirror, and the Sacred Sword.  The talismans are supposedly sealed in pure hearts.
        The main enemies are the Death Busters who work under the, never seen Pharaoh 90.  They steal the pure hearts out of anyone who might be have the talismans.  That's because right now, no one has any clue as to who has the talismans.
        At the beginning the Uranus and Neptune are looking for the talismans.  They seem cold-hearted because they say that sacrifices will be necessary, and they are both willing to make those sacrifices in order to save the world.  I'm thinking having episode summaries for this season because I have all of them.  Let me know what you think:  Or just tell me when you Sign My Guestbook located on the main page.  If I did that, I would also have them for Sailor Moon Stars.  Anyway, moving back to topic.  Well, I'm also going to have two spoilers here.  For the first one about the finding of the Sacred Cup, go here.
        So after they find the Sacred Cup the rest of the season is about finding the Messiah and trying to keep Sailor Saturn from awakening.  For a more detailed version of that click here.


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