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Sailor Moon- 1st Season

     Okay this is obviously, if you clicked on the link and read the title, the summery of the very 1st season of Sailor Moon. It is basically about a whiney middle school girl who finds out she is actually a "soldier of love and justice," Sailor Moon. She finds this out through the her new talking cat, Luna. The enemy in this series is Queen Beryl and the Dark Kingdom (Nega Verse -NA). The Queen Beryl is after, along with pretty much everyone else in the series, the Imperium Silver Crystal.
     In the first episode, Sailor Moon does not find any other soldiers, but she does meet Tuxedo Mask, a mysterious stranger who saves her. The rest of this season is based around finding the other Senshi, and then locating the Silver Crystal. If you want a more detailed explanation about the end or important spoilers, click here.



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