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Sailor Moon R Part 1

     The first part of Sailor Moon R starts off with nobody but Artemis and Luna remembering anything. Unfortunately, one night a meteor crashes and from it comes two aliens, Ann and Alan, who need energy to keep the Doom Tree alive. So when Naru gets attacked, Luna has no choice but to revive Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon of course can not do much by herself, but she is unwilling to force the other senshi, who are leading happy lives to awaken. Fortunately, a mysterious figure dressed in white appears calling himself the Moon Shadow Knight(?). He appears, and throws roses like Tuxedo Mask, but they're white instead of red.
     Anyway, eventually the other Senshi have to be revived and the rest of the season is spent tyring to defeat Ann and Alan. Also Usagi spends a lot of time trying to make Mamoru remember who he is, to no avail. For more details, click here

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