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Manga Preview

Okay I may get into big trouble for this, so right now I am clarifying my reasons for this site. It is for more people to buy Sailor Moon Mixx Manga. That is it! There is no other reason. If I were trying to make this a site where you can read the translated Manga then it would have more than this. This is all I plan to have. Well when the Infinity Series is published I might add that. Sailor Moon Mixx Manga is Copyrighted to Mixx Manga! This site may only be used for you guys to get a taste of the manga. Okay I think that's enough not to get me sued.

Anyway, here some other info. First of all, some of you might be wondering why I started with the Sailor Moon SuperS with Volumn 3. It is simply because it has Haruka in it. Yes, I am a Haruka freak. But she is by far the best Senshi. Also I apologize for the crappy pictures, but my scanner sort of sucks. Yeah, enough already, you're probably saying. And I agree. Onto the previews!