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Sailor Moon Manga Quiz

This is a low tech form based quiz. In other words, there will be no instant gratification. You will have to wait for a reply once you have sent your quiz. This quiz is sent by email by the way. IF YOU DO NOT ENTER A EMAIL ADDRESS YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A REPLY Just making that clear. Please note that all questions on this quiz refer to the Manga not the anime. Mostly the Mixx Translated Manga. Also, if your browser does not support forms send an email WITH the answers to Good Luck!

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1)What is Usagi's translated manga name?
2)Who killed Zoisite?
3)What's strange about Haruka being a Sailor Soldier (In Infinity, not SuperS)?  The most obvious reason
4) How does Bunny get her "Moon Cosmic Power" Transformation?
    Neo Queen Serenity gives it to her
     It is born from the power of her and Darien's love
     Luna blesses her with it
     She finds her new brooch on the street
5)Who is really behind all of the evil in the Dark Kingdom?
6)What is Sailor Neptune's translated name
7) In "Dreams" who has the first Crystal Transformation?
8) Name the Four Generals: (Japanese spelling or american)
9)When do the inners start high school?
10)Who is the last minion of Metallia?
Bonus Question:What does Mamoru/Darien call Usagi/Bunny in Infinity that she doesn't like? (I'll accept Japanese or NA)


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