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Manga VS Anime

I got sick of my white backgrounds so I decided black for this page.

        This page will go over basic PLOT differences in the Manga rather than the anime.  I'm not describing the way they look different or how they act or stuff like that.  I will also outline some major differences in the layout and whole story line, but that's it.  I imagine more of you people have seen the anime so I will be making comparison to the anime rather than to the manga.  A lot of spoilers here too so read on at your own risk.  Oh yes, I have no clue about The Sailor Moon, Sailor Stars manga here.  It hasn't been published, and I don't feel like reading the entire thing in plain translated form.  Never fear though...Mixx is going to publish Stars once it finishes with Sailor Moon SuperS.  Chibi Chibi will be known as RiRi or something like that.  Currently Mixx has published the following volumes of Manga:

    You can probably find them at some sort of anime or bookstore near you.  I actually found some at B. Dalton's Bookstore in the Role-playing Game section.  Weird, huh?  Also pretty much every online bookstore or anime shop sells them.  I recommend, but it doesn't matter.  Of course don't be an idiot like me, order it online then go and find the very same volume the next day (after you've sent in the money order) in a store.  Grrr...I could be reading volume 7 right now, instead of having to wait like two weeks.  Okay, enough babbling.

Basic Differences

    The Manga moves along at a much faster pace than the anime.  There are not even half as many pointless Youma (demons) to fight.  In fact, in the entire first season I counted about about 3 or 4 Youma compared to the Anime's like 30.

    The Manga is not divided into seasons.  It goes by title.  You could divide it into seasons, but there can be like two seasons in the same volume.  Mixx doesn't give you titles.  In the original Japanese version they title it Infinity (Season 3), Dreams (Season 4), and Stars (Season 5).

    There are much more attacks in the Manga that are never used in the anime.  Such as Jupiter Coconuts Cyclone (That's an odd title), Venus Wink Chain Sword, Mars Snake Fire and Chronos Cyclone.  Once I did hear a manga attack in the anime.  Mercury Aqua Mirage was used in Ami's First Love (a 15 minute special).  Plus, they don't always yell the attack name when they use it.

    More transformations.  I believe that the Inners actually use the phrase Planet Power (i.e. Mars Planet Power, Make Up).   Also, the Outers get to use Crystal Power (i.e. Uranus Crystal Power, Make Up).

    Unfortunately, there is more information and background given on the characters in the anime than in the manga.  The wonderful episode about Haruka and Michiru's first meeting was totally original to the anime.  Not much insight as to the characters personalities and other stuff.  Although you do learn of Makoto's fear of flying in the manga.

    The characters are a lot smarter in the Manga.  They can actually see similarities between the Senshi and the real people.  They can also see similarities with Mamoru and Tuxedo Mask.  Well, not a lot, but better than the manga.  Usagi is still an idiot and even is confused when she sees Mamoru wearing the tux without a mask.  But she figures it out, though she did think of it before on the bus.  Wow, babbling again.  Gomen.  Does it annoy you people as much as me when they can't tell (in the anime) who's who even when they look exactly alike.  I can understand a bit in the manga because they wear masks for the first part.  But please, how many people have green hair (Michiru)? 

Plot Differences

Season 1                Season 2                 Season 3            Season 4            Season 5 (not done)

Season 1

    Beryl is not the main bad person.  It is Queen Metallia.  At the beginning Beryl is sort of the main person, but she actually is doing the bidding of the high and mighty evil Queen Metallia.  Well, she actually is sort of plotting against Queen Metallia, but it doesn't really work out.
    The Senshi do a lot more work towards defeating the Dark Kingdom.  They are the ones who actually kill the Four Warriors (Generals, whatever).  Jadeite was killed by Mars, Nephrite by Jupiter, Zoisite by Venus and Kunzite (Malachite) by everyone but moon (Sailor Planet Attack).

    The Warriors were actually generals of Prince Endymion, but they were turned evil by Beryl through her twisting and a bit of help from Metallia.  They too were reborn to search for their master (Endymion), but a lot of good that did, because Beryl found them once she was turned evil again and forced them back into the Dark Kingdom.

    Back in the past of the Silver Millennium, Serenity killed herself when she saw Endymion murdered by Beryl.  That was a shocker to me.

Okay, the following are total giveaways to the ending:

    Endymion/Mamoru/Darien (got enough names Mamoru-san?) was actually killed when Kunzite blasted
Sailor Moon.  He jumped in front of her to save her, but ended up badly injured.  Because of Usagi's distress, the Silver Crystal appears she tries using that to save him but it doesn't work and a piece of the crystal falls in his body.  The light however healed a bunch of people and even succeeded in making Kunzite to vaguely remember his initial mission (to find Prince Endymion), not enough to make him good though.  So Kunzite then grabs Mamoru and takes him back to Beryl.  Apparently Mamoru dies and Beryl uses Metallia's energy to make him reborn as a warrior for the Dark Kingdom.  Very little brainwashing.  Plus Usagi doesn't have much luck making him remember or even turning him back.  Even when they kill Beryl he is still under Metallia's influence and continues to pursue the crystal and kidnaps Venus and all this other stuff, but this is getting off subject.  Gomen, I'm easily distracted.

    The Silver Millennium is reborn!  Yup, while Sailor Moon is banishing Metallia, the energy she is giving off restores the Moon Palace.  But she decides to continue living on earth despite Luna's urging that she take her place as the rightful heir to the Silver Millennium.

Season 2

    There is no Ann and Alan.  Pretty much because they don't need to have one.  The Senshi do not lose their memory and do not need some crisis to bring them back for some more fighting.

    The Four Sisters of Deception don't turn good.  Nope, they just die.  Not as interesting except for the fact they manage to take down a senshi with them (well, capture one before they leave).  Except the last one.  Usagi comes through and saves Venus.

    There is nothing to do with power points or anything.  The Black Moon just decides to come and kill off Sailor Moon (well actually Demando wants to make her his bride, but that's not the point) so there is never a future Silver Millennium.

    A little more info on the history of the Black Moon People and why they went to Nemesis (That is not the reason I call myself Nemesis.  The name goes back before my days of being a Sailor Moon and pretty much all sorts of anime freak.  Nemesis is the greek goddess of righteous anger).

    Pluto plays a much, much bigger role in the whole scheme of things.  Without her, the senshi and the world would all be dead.

    Not sure yet about everything.  Haven't gotten volume 7 yet, which holds the end of this one.

Season 3-Infinity

    Wondering how I know all this if I don't know how Season 2 ends?  Well, I found some translated Manga online and since 3 is my favorite season I actually read it.

    Haruka is actually a guy.  She (or would it be he now?) is a guy normally and transforms into a women as a senshi.  At the very begining she makes an appearence though as a blond Tuxedo Mask.  Well that's what it looks like when she's running away.  To give you their explanation, a not-so-directly translated quote: "Haruka is both a man and a women with the strength or both genders."  This proves true because she is actually a women all the time in Season 4.  None of the general populace seems to realize this though.

    Haruka and Michiru are not as friendly with the Inners while not transformed.  In fact they are sometimes down right nasty.  They aren't much better when transformed either.  The only thing is that Haruka seems to be friendly with Usagi and Michiru seems to be friendly with Mamoru...this causes some tension between Usagi and Mamoru later.

    There is no big search for the talismans.  In fact they already have them.  There is no search for the Sacred Cup.  In fact Uranus and Neptune are only interested in protecting the world from ruin.  The cup appears during some other crisis in which only Sailor Moon can act.

    Wow!  Haruka and Michiru are smart!  They already know who the Inners are.  I know, a totally pointless thing to say.  Have I talked about Haruka and Michiru enough?

    Hotaru makes an appearence much earlier.  Also Hotaru seems to be put together with wires due to a accident when she was young.  This freaks Chibi Usa out for a moment before in all of her annoying pureness she is like "appearences don't matter."  Sorry, that might not have happened because I read this a while ago.  I'm not sure if Chibi Usa thinks that.

    The whole thing with Mistress 9/Hotaru is just really confusing.  In fact it's so confusing I'm finding it hard to explain.  Umm...Sailor Saturn kills Mistress 9, but Sailor Saturn was Mistress 9.  I think Saturn came out of Mistress 9 and then  proceded to kill it from the inside, but I'm still so very confused over the whole thing.  Maybe once I see it like translated with the pics I'll understand.  

    Prof. Tomoe actually dies in this one.  There is no miraculous cure from the demon inside of him.  He dies and well, once the whole ordeal is over and Hotaru is reborn as a child, the Outer Senshi leave to take care of her.  

Season 4-Dreams

    The Outers are in this one!!!!!  That's like the only difference I know though because I didn't see the anime season.

    This season's also not done yet, plus I have to see season 4 of the anime.

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