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First off, the banner to use if you want to link my page to yours (looks imploringly). Also if you want me to add your links to my site, just email me. But make sure it's a good site. I only link to sites which I think are good. Don't worry though, I'm not really picky. Anyway, for those of you (like me) who hate email links, here's my email ad.

Now we'll get to the real links. Oh yeah, requested links are marked with (R).

This is a great page with a huge picture library, and lots of other stuff.
All you have to do to get it is sign up for a library card.

This is a very cool page. The best part about it is the illustrated episode summeries. They have the entire season of Sailor Moon S. It is the next best thing to the anime. If you want to know what happens in S, and have about 45 mintues, then go here and read the entire season.

This is a pretty cool site. Not what you'd usually expect from a site, but overall fairly cool. They have great info on where to buy stuff :-)

This is a great site! Well, for all you Haruka lovers like me it's great. Michiru lovers would like it too. Actually this is a link "The Haruka Project" but I only found a banner with the Uranus Lighthouse. Here I go babbling again. This is probably the greatest site I've seen dedicated to Haruka and Michiru. Lot's of great pictures. Go here :-)

Okay, this is a really cool site. I love it. It has a lot of sites for cool animes. Anyway, this is just cool. It has some really great reviews of some awesome RPG's.

Okay, I used to love this place and it was my favorite but since it changed hands I don't approve. However it has a lot of pics and stuff so I'm leaving it on here. Grr...Haruka is Haruka, not Amara.

#1 Anime Heaven
This is a great page! I seem to be saying that with every page. Well I guess I wouldn't be linking to them if they weren't. Anyway, this is not the link to the Sailor Moon part of the site, but this place is totally worth it. Just find Sailor Moon somewhere in their links. It is an overall really good page.

This is an really interesting page with a lot of cool stuff. He made my very cool banner.

Well, this page is pretty cool. Really nice pictures. Mostly profiles, but still a overall nice site. Great midi's.(R)

This site is pretty cool. It has a lot of great stuff. I only found it difficult to find where stuff was. You know, it's under sections and stuff but there's no thing saying what's in each section...oh well, it's still a great site. Currently #1 of the Sailor Moon Top 100. This may not stay for long though. Vote for me (shameless plug) on my main page

This site is pretty cool. It has some interesting site. (R)

This site gets an alright. It takes sometime to load, and the layout can get annoying, but overall it's a good site. (R)

Okay, these links don't have any cool banners, but they are still very cool.

The Anime Real Player Realm- This place has an awesome selection
The Sailor Senshi Page- This is a very cool page with lot's of info

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