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The Silver Millenium

         This is my favorite part! The background of the story is the same in both manga and anime. About a thousand years prior to the setting of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon there was a time of peace and tranquility called the Silver Millenium. At the time there was the Earth Kingdom and the Moon Kingdom. The Moon Kingdom was in charge of protecting the earth and was ruled by Queen Selenity. The people of the moon were blessed with longlivity due to the power they received from the Silver Crystal. Here's where things start to change.

         Manga-On the Moon the Queen's daughter Princess Serenity was in love with the Prince of Earth, Endymion. They loved each other a lot and the princess would often sneak down to earth to visit him.
         However, one year, when the sun was very active, a strange evil began to plague the people of earth. This evil was Queen Metallia who, in hopes of ruling the world like most evil people, wanted to gain possession of the silver crystal. Metallia rallied the people of earth against the Moon People, filling their heads with lies. Only Prince Endymion was unaffected. The people of earth attacked the moon. One of the followers was Beryl. Prince Endymion tried to stop his people, but he couldn't, so he settled for protecting the princess.
         However, Beryl, after asking the prince if he was treasoneous, struck Endymion down while he was protecting the princess. Serenity, then in sorrow picked up Endymion's sword and killed herself.
         Luckily, the prince and princess were revenged. Venus struck down Beryl with the Sword of the Silver Millenium or something. The rest of what happened is vague. All the Inner Sailor Senshi were killed. Then, Queen Selenity used the crystal to seal away Metallia forever. My guess is then she used the crystal to make sure that all the important people were reborn, and then locked the cats in a cryogenic sleep. That was the last of her power, and she then died.

         Anime-Okay, this is very different from the manga. The romance part is the same. Serenity and Endymion are in love, but Serenity is from the moon and Endymion is from the earth. I guess i forgot to mention in the manga part that romances between the earth and moon are not supposed to work out.          
Anyway, during one of the many parties the people of the Silver Millenium had, Serenity was out on the balcony. Endymion came up behind her and started telling her about the problems on earth and that an evil sage, Beryl had turned the people of earth evil. He then said that he had to sneak up to the moon, since the moon was now supicious of anyone from the earth.
         After a kiss, guards come and chase Endymion away. Later, during the party, a masked man, Endymion of course, asks Serenity to dance. There is some more romantic scenes here.
         Suddenly the cats come running in yelling about the people of earth attacking. Now there is total chaos. The people of earth are totally destroying the moon kingdom. Serenity is out on the balcony again, when Beryl confronts her.
         Beryl does not like Serenity and is about to kill her, when Endymion throws a rose and steps in front of Serenity. Beryl is now mad and makes Metallia send some huge wave of dark energy towards Endymion. Endymion is hit and starts to float up towards Metallia. Serenity is horrified and then jumps after him. They try to reach each other but as soon as their hands touch another blast of energy hits them both and they lie floating in the air dead. I think by this time the rest of the Senshi are dead too.
          Queen Selenity is now quite sad and sees that all is hopeless no matter what. She uses the Silver Crystal and seals Metallia, Beryl and pretty much the entire Dark Kingdom away. She then starts to die. Using the last of her strength she makes sure that everyone is reborn and then puts the cats into a cryogenic sleep in little capsules.

          Isn't that a sad story. Well that's the legend of the Silver Millenium.


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