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Japanese Sailor Moon Quiz

This is a low tech form based quiz. In other words, there will be no instant gratification. You will have to wait for a reply once you have sent your quiz. This quiz is sent by email by the way. IF YOU DO NOT ENTER A EMAIL ADDRESS YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A REPLY Just making that clear. Please note that all questions on this quiz refer to the Japanese Version, not the DiC dub. There will be no exceptions. Also, if your browser does not support forms send an email WITH the answers to Good Luck!

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1)What is the name of the enemy in the first season
2)Which of the following attacks are never used in the anime? (this includes movies and specials)
3) How many transformations does Sailor Moon have?
     (I am counting Super Sailor Moon twice [Season 3 with the cup, Season 4 with the brooch])
4) Who created the series "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon"?
5) Where did Haruka and Michiru first meet
    At a Race Track      In School      During a Battle     On a Blind Date
6)Who first tried to kill Sailor Saturn?
7) Where do the Senshi live (This is a give away. Please don't get this wrong :-p)
8) In what order do the Animates appear?
     Lead Crow, Tin Nyanko, Iron Mouse, Aluminum Siren
     Iron Mouse, Aluminum Siren, Lead Crow, Tin Nyanko
     Tin Nyanko, Iron Mouse, Aluminum Siren, Lead Crow
     Aluminum Siren, Lead Crow, Tin Nyanko, Iron Mouse
9) List in order, the senshi (of our solar system) as they first appear in the series.
10)In what season do the inners start high school?
11)What is the name of the Pegasus in Season 4
12)What are the names of the three talismans?
13)In the SuperS Special, what is the enemy that tries to kill Haruka and Michiru?
14)What is the Theme Song of Sailor Moon?
15)What does "Ai no Senshi" mean? (hint Ai=love)
16)Why does Fiore (R Movie) want to kill Sailor Moon?
    He doesn't like Heroines
     He wants to destroy the earth, and she's in his way
     He thinks she is deceiving Mamoru
17)Who plays the violin
18)Who's name means "Friend of Water?" (Hint: no=of)
19)In Sailor Stars, which character dies first?
20)What are the enemies after in the fourth season (SuperS)
Bonus Question: What does Tomoe Hotaru mean?


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