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Sailor Moon Super Dubbed

This page will simply go over changes made in the dub.

         General Changes
Kaolinite= Kaori Night
Haruka Tenou= Amara (well, not really bad)
Michiru Kaiou= Michelle (yeck)
Hotaru Tomoe= Hotaru Tomoe....why couldn't they do this with Haruka?
Setsuna Meiou= Trista or something(anyone know the name?)
Sailor Chibi Moon= Sailor Mini Moon
Death Busters= Heart Snatchers
Talismans= Pure Heart Crystals
Sacred Cup= Object of Power/All Mightyness/Holy Chalice/Purity Force

World Shaking and Deep Submerge just add Uranus and Neptune to the begining

In the regular version, all the hearts they took were pure.  In the NA Version they're good but not pure.

Wah!!!  They didn't keep the trademark speech by Uranus and Neptune.  You know the "Invited by the
New Era, Sailor Uranus, Fighting gorgeously."  Now it's just some corny statement made about the

YAAAAAHH!!!! Haruka and Michiru are now cousins! *sob* I sound like Usagi but this is just wrong.

Episode Changes

Original Names in Parentheses.  Also these go by the Japanese episode numbers.  I'm not sure what are
the English numbers.

Episode 90- (A Premonition of World Destruction, The Mysterious New Soldiers Appear)- Star
Struck, Bad Luck

All the weird little changes were made with the Sacred Cup and whatnot.

During Rei's dream instead of yelling "Are you the Messiah," she says something about evil.

Scenes with Usagi (Serena) hitting the wall, and the cats hitting trees were cut out.

Also, other various translation changes, but nothing really big.

Episode 91- (A Rod born from Love, Usagi's New Transformation)- Crystal Clear Again

Scene of Minako smacking Artemis was cut

I think the scene with the little girl hitting the door was cut out.

Again, various translation changes

Episode 92 (A Handsome Guy, Tenou Haruka's Secret)- Driving Dangerously

Surprisingly, they kept Usagi and Minako thinking that Haruka was a guy.

Instead of telling them to study, Motoki (Andrew) just says something about how he doesn't want to get involved.

While talking about racing, instead of Haruka saying how her destiny didn't allow that, she says she's not
good enough.

Haruka does not call Usagi "Odango-Atama" (Dumpling head).  She referes to her by name.

Episode 93-(Usagi's Idol! Graceful Genius Michiru)-Bad Harmony

Usagi doesn't talk about being Mamoru's wife, instead she just says girlfriend.

While talking about Michiru being a violinist, like Haruka she says that she's not good enough
instead of talking about her destiny.

A funny thing: While at the art gallary, Michiru's painting of the whale still said Michiru Kaiou instead of Michelle.

Rei hitting Usagi at the recital was cut out along with Usagi's drooling over Mamoru.

Haruka and Michiru seem to insult Usagi and her friends instead of calling them cute.

Sob! I hate my job and my mother. Between the two of them I haven't seen much of the new season.
Curses! Not that I really care for it, but now my site will look funny. If anyone wants to tell me some
changes and the dub name of the episode, please email me at Arigato.

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