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Spolier Season 1

    Okay, this is just about the last few episodes. First of all, let's recap. The Emperium Silver Crystal was finally found, and recovered by the senshi. In doing so, they found out that Usagi was actually the princess, and Mamoru ( who they also know is Tuxedo Mask now) was Prince Endymion of Earth. Anway, so far all the generals except for Kunzite have failed and been killed by Queen Beryl. However, Mamoru has now been kidnapped by Beryl and was brain washed.
    So moving towards the last few episodes. While investigating some place, the senshi are confronted by Kunzite who demands the crystal. He is pretty much destroying the senshi, when Sailor Moon stands up and reflects his attack with her wand, killing him.
    After this the senshi hear from the cats (who were injured from Kunzite)that Beryl's headquarters are in the north pole. So now the senshi decide to go and save the world. Using Sailor Teleport, they go to the North Pole. Now that Kunzite has been killed, Beryl has no more generals, but she gets four (or five) monsters called the D-Day Girls (i think) to go and kill the senshi. I won't go into the gruesome detail, but by the time Sailor Moon gets to Queen Beryl's place, no one is left but her. I think they were killed in this order...Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and last Mars. Anyway, Sailor Moon is very upset now, but she knows that she must save the world, so that her friends will not have died in vain.
    However, when she does reach Beryl, she sees Mamoru (Endymion) kneeling before Beryl, totally brainwashed. After a severe beating, Usagi pulls out her brooch, and makes Mamoru remember who he is. Unfortunately, this is not pleasing to Beryl who immediatly attacks them all. Mamoru is killed while shielding Usagi. However, he does manage to fling one last rose at Beryl, which weakens her. This enables Usagi to have a little time while Beryl is crawling towards Queen Metalia (the source of Beryl's evil energy).
    Anyway, finally there is one last showdown between Sailor Moon and Queen Beryl. At first Queen Beryl attacks Sailor Moon, encasing her in a column of ice. However, the ice cracks open at the top to reveal that Sailor Moon has now become Princess Serenity. Eventually, Serenity is able to defeat Beryl when the spirits of the rest of the senshi come and lend her strength. There is then a huge explosion or something like that.
    The next scene is of Usagi running out of her house screaming that she is going to be late to her new job or volunteer work at the hospital. I think that you then see the other senshi, alive and well, on Usagi's mad dash to the hospital where she sees Mamoru. End of Season 1.

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