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Awards to Win

The Completion Award
  I give this awards to those sites that are actually finished.  I know how much work it is to actually finish your page.  By finished I mean no broken links or coming soon.  It doesn't matter if the page the link is to is crap, it just needs to be somewhat completed.  This is the easiest award to win.

The Information Award
    These awards are given to the sites that have the most information about Sailor Moon.  The site must be very informative and explain about the general concept of Sailor Moon.  If I were totally ignorant of Sailor Moon or any anime for that matter, I must be able to understand what you are talking about.  A fairly easy award to win.

Kawaii Award
    Kawaii means cute.  This is for those sites that just look pretty damn good.  You know, nice backgrounds, good images, etc.  There must be NO broken images.  You know, the little pics with the X in it.  If it's from a link exchange or something, it's okay, but other than that: no.   This award is also pretty easy to win

The Award of Excellence
    This award is given only to those sites that I find superb.  Your site must qualify for the completion award, which means no broken links.  But that is not only what I judge it on.  Your site must be an overall good site.  This is probably the hardest award to win.

Best use of HTML Award
    This is for sites that use the right HTML at the right places.  It doesn't have to be fancy, it just has to fit.  That means like frames, midis, overall appearence and what not.  Forms and stuff are included.  "The strongest HTML fragments mean nothing if you don't know when and where to use it (A slightly modified quote from The Slayers)".  Umm...I'm not sure how hard this award is to win.  Somewhere in between Hard and Easy.  Wait, that would be medium.

Think your site deserves an award for something here not listed.  Email me at  If you think your site deserves an award listed above, then fill out the form below.

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